The space design of the home improvement overall wardrobe is very important

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of the quality of life, more and more people are increasingly demanding the personalization of home products. The overall wardrobe , as part of the custom furniture, is very optimistic about development, personalization, humanity. The product service will be popular and become the first choice for consumers.

So, how to design the whole wardrobe is the most popular? In fact, although the radish cabbage has their own love, but for the product's practicality and quality requirements, everyone has the same resonance.


Teakwood L-shaped wardrobe

In design, the overall wardrobe space should be designed to be comprehensive and able to meet people's needs. For example, in Figure 1, this European-style classic wardrobe looks particularly stable and suitable for mature middle- and high-level work elites. The wardrobe is in retro teak tones, and the frame looks generous and classic, but it is not dull and has a classic look. The material of the wardrobe is matched with the combination of wood and wood. The design of the interior is very large. The storage space is very large. For example, the cloakroom is an open hanging room, and the upper layer is a storage room, a hanging clothes tube, a tie drawer, etc. The space can accommodate 3~4 people's clothes, and the wardrobe disassembly device is also convenient, which is convenient for secondary arrangement such as moving.

Wardrobe design

U-shaped cloakroom

This kind of cloakroom is what every girl dreams of. The European classical style not only creates a sense of grandeur, but also makes the love of things pleasing to the eye. This overall wardrobe adopts European retro design, the top design of the wardrobe is unique and unique, the bottom pattern is exquisitely carved, and the workmanship is exquisite and exquisite. The outstanding detail design gives the cloakroom a faint European classic. This kind of cloakroom is very happy.

Detailed Description:
Product  Name :Disposable Raincoat
Disposable raincoat is made of PE material.
Usage: It is very suitable for outdoor work. It`s very useful in the rain weather/  emergency raincoat
Service: ODM, OEM and buyer label service available.


Each size is available  standard size is 78x120cm


PE/PEVA material ,0.015~0.04mm . LDPE /HDPE 


Designs can be choosen, customized works also are welcomed./ With or  

without  sleeve bottons


high quality with lower price.


Blue,yellow, black, red etc. customized


Offset printing, screen printing


Plastic bag

Sample Cost

According to item`s work and value

Sample Time

In 7days.

leading time

30 days

Process of the disposable raincoat:

Disposable Raincoat

Disposable Raincoat, Disposable Plastic Raincoats, PE Raincoat

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