Corrugated paper printing plate selection and analysis reasons

Corrugated paper printing plate is a flexible photosensitive resin plate, the standard thickness of 3-7MM, the hardness of Shore hardness (HS) 25-50, corrugated paper quality is poor, the thickness should be used thick, low hardness plate, corrugated paper When the quality is good and the fine text needs to be printed, when the printing surface of the dot is printed, the hard and thin plate should be selected.

The reason for the analysis is as follows: When printing with a thick plate, when the printing pressure is too low, the substrate of the printing plate is liable to produce a corrugated and "sawboard"-like pattern, which affects the actual and fine lines. When the printing pressure is too large, the printing substrate is easily deformed. Even damaged, at the same time lead to deformation of the resin plate, printing dot network expansion, the same in the same thickness of the plate due to the same speed of killing, different hardness of the flexographic printing pressure distribution and the footprint is different, the hardness of the plate imprinting No obvious expansion, but the edge of the edge of the parallel with the corrugated is less true, the opposite of the soft version of the print, the imprint is strong, but the edge has a slight expansion, which is mainly due to the difference in elasticity of the hardness of the flexographic plate, hardness High-elasticity is small, that is, the deformation of the surface layer of the printing plate is small, but the deformation of the printing plate surface layer is large, and the fidelity of the printing is poor. Practice has confirmed that when the same printing plate is used at different printing speeds, the actuality of the imprinting is also different. The rule is: Under the same conditions, the printing speed is higher when the imprinting is more real, and vice versa is virtual, due to the elastic deformation of the flexographic plate and The stress time is proportional to the time, so the same block version is faster when printing at low speed than when the elastic deformation is fast.

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