Beer bottle packaging needs to achieve dual economic and social benefits

The bottle of wine and wine bottles that are piled in the corner of the room may sometimes make you upset. This is mainly due to the problem of poor recycling of these bottles. However, in the recycling market, the beer bottle has always been a "sweet potato", which is very popular among recyclers and recyclers. Some beer bottle manufacturers even have conflicts because of beer bottle recycling problems.

We know that the recycle recycling of beer bottles is more than half the cost compared to the use of new beer bottles. This is a very cost-effective way to use a large number of beer manufacturers. Therefore, beer manufacturers are keen to use old beer bottles. Although this has played a positive role in promoting environmental protection, it has also brought about two problems. On the one hand, the service life of beer bottles has been increased without limit. We all know that the state has stipulated the service life of beer bottles in order to ensure the safe use of beer bottles. However, many manufacturers have not strictly implemented it. This has led to the occurrence of a variety of explosions in beer bottle explosions every year. On the other hand, recycled wine bottles will certainly be reduced in circulation, and some manufacturers will begin to purchase beer bottles from other manufacturers to supplement the packaging. This often happens when beer bottles filled with a brand of beer are filled with another brand of beer. This kind of event has caused great confusion to consumers.

We support the recycling of beer bottles and hope that this recycling system will be more complete and healthy.

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