Fractional hologram of security laser lattice

A new technology combining dot matrix laser holography and computer-generated fractal images is used in laser anti-counterfeit logo production. The laser logo produced has excellent anti-counterfeiting performance and visual effects (such as background gradient, rotation flicker, and zoom flicker, etc.) Performance effect). The fractal image generated by the computer can be superimposed on the customer's logo or trademark pattern, or even part of the logo, so as to achieve a good anti-counterfeiting effect.
The features of the laser logo produced by the combination of dot matrix holographic technology and computer fractal technology are:
1 This laser logo pattern is composed of tiny grid points (a few tens to a hundred microns or so), and each raster point contains a very fine grating (less than a micron). During the production process, According to the requirements of the computer, the raster points are coded point by point, so that the direction or density of the grating at each point changes to achieve a predetermined visual effect;
The encoding method and method of raster points are determined according to the specific design of the pattern, and others are extremely difficult to imitate. For example, with a laser pattern with a resolution of 300 dpi, there are nearly 14,000 grating points in a square centimeter area. Apart from the design of the pattern, if you want to imitate the same visual effect pattern, you must request this. The coding of the 40,000 raster points should be consistent with the original pattern; only the technical difficulty of this point is enough to deter the criminals.
2 In the aspect of pattern design, computer fractal pattern technology is combined. This fractal pattern is the input of relevant data on a programmed computer program, and an algorithm that produces a pattern that does not exist but is very strange and decorative in nature.
This pattern can be made into a part or the whole of a laser mark by using a dot-matrix laser holographic technology, or it can be superimposed on the original registered trademark of the manufacturer as a background image. The laser mark thus made has excellent anti-counterfeiting performance. Keeping these data is not leaking, and no one can produce the same or similar fractal pattern.
3 In addition, unlike ordinary printing, a laser pattern (especially a fractal pattern) made with a dot-matrix laser holographic technique is determined by its characteristics and cannot be copied by photographing, copying, or computer scanning.

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