Summer packing machine maintenance how to do?

In summer, the demand for FMCG in the market is even greater. It is at the peak of the use of packaging machines, but at the flagship of the packaging company, once your packaging machine has experienced a slight failure, it may delay your production and damage your interests. .

Here, we will give you some knowledge about the use and maintenance of the packaging machine, to help you no longer worry about frequent failure of the packaging machine. We choose a good packaging machine is still very simple, but we also know that the packaging machine will always appear in the process of some big or small failure, so you have a headache. To change one, it's all a glitch. It's not worth it. Do not change it, but always there is a problem.

However, there are always reasons for the incident. Why does the packaging machine always malfunction? One aspect of the quality of the packaging machine, but the more important reason is your improper use and maintenance. When we use the packaging machine, we must strictly follow the instructions on the operation, and regular maintenance. The machine should always be kept in a clean, hygienic, and dry environment. All aspects of the machine must be kept tight, lubricated, and preserved. In accordance with the provisions of the strict implementation of the cycle of maintenance work, reduce the wear rate parts, eliminate the hidden dangers of failure, to extend the life of the machine.

Failure of the packaging machine is generally due to the extra wear of the parts. Therefore, if you want to eliminate hidden dangers, reducing wear between parts is a must! The packing machine must have gone through a period of running-in period when it was just bought back. At this time, all parts and components are brand new. Even if the craftsmanship of the manufacturer is fine, it cannot be perfectly smooth, so there will be a Run-in period. After a small amount of wear during the run-in period, the machine enters a period of steady wear. During this smooth period, abnormal wear can occur if the machine parts are not sufficiently lubricated. Over time, the lifespan of various parts will be greatly shortened, so the machine will also have hidden dangers. So your machine must stop for a period of time and thoroughly overhaul it to see if there is any additional wear on the machine. If you often find that a certain part of the packaging machine wears badly, then you should pay attention to whether you are operating exactly according to the operation manual during the use!

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