Seasonal exfoliation can not be ignored

As the urban environment is polluted, the life schedule is abnormal, staying up late, drinking, and emotions often cause the metabolic rate to slow down. The abnormal metabolism makes the keratinocytes unable to fall off naturally and thickly accumulate on the surface, resulting in rough and dull skin. The skin care products that are used are often blocked by this thick barrier and cannot be absorbed by the living cells below. Excessive old dead skin cells will accumulate on the skin, so we will exfoliate the body regularly. Today, we will tell you about the parts we usually overlook.

How to exfoliate in season


The skin around the eyes is the thinnest part of the whole body. This part has only a separate sweat gland, and there is no distribution of sebum, so the phenomenon of drying is inevitable. But around the eyes can not exfoliate, even if there is a "dead skin" phenomenon, you can not rely on exfoliating products to help fall off, but only use eye cream. Because the nutrients of eye cream are very pure and the molecules are very small, it is very suitable for the skin around the eyes. Using eye cream can completely moisturize the skin of the eyes and make the fine dander off.

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