President of the German Furniture Industry Association: furniture development trend is fashionable and environmentally friendly

In Europe, people can clearly feel a general sense of insecurity. The debt crisis in some southern European countries has left its mark in the entire economic field, and the economic prosperity has been significantly affected. For example, between April and June 2012, the economic growth rate of the Eurozone fell by 0.2% compared with the first quarter. Only Germany, Austria and the Netherlands have positive economic growth, while other countries in the Eurozone have either stagnated or declined significantly.

The development trend of economic prosperity naturally affects the sales of furniture. In countries where government austerity measures have suppressed personal consumption, the willingness to spend money is also falling.

The German furniture industry only feels these effects to a small extent. In the vast domestic consumer market in Germany, as the construction industry continues to thrive and the labor market is stable, the development of the German furniture market remains as stable as ever. Business growth in markets such as Asia and Eastern Europe has made up for the loss of the Eurozone market. In terms of process, design and quality, German furniture is as dominant in the global market as German automotive and mechanical products. In the future, the high performance and high efficiency represented by “Made in Germany” will still have strong competitiveness in the global market. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that the reliability of German manufacturers can always provide customers with planning security. .

We can see that the global trade in the furniture industry has more than doubled in the past decade. The imprint of the era is also engraved at next year's 2013 Cologne International Furniture Fair and International Kitchen Show. As early as a few months ago, all booths have been booked, and so many international exhibitors will launch their new products in Cologne. The composition of traders is increasingly international, and in terms of audiences, we expect the proportion of international audiences to continue to climb. When it comes to Cologne's status as the "leading boss of the furniture industry", it has to mention Cologne International Furniture Fair and International Kitchen Show and other furniture and furniture supplier exhibitions, such as the International Office Furniture and Management Facilities Exhibition Orgatec, international sporting goods. , camping equipment and garden life fair / international horticultural exposition spoga+gafa and cologne international furniture production, woodworking and interior decoration exhibition interzum.

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