Six home purification experts worth choosing

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] There is a lot of pollution in the air of the newly renovated house. Today, Xiaobian recommends six "masters" who are worthy of purchasing and purifying the home air:

1. The orchid is delicate and free, elegant and pleasant, and is known as “air flower”.

Purification effect: Within 24 hours, the spider plant can absorb about 86% of formaldehyde in the room of 8-10 square meters, and can also purify carbon monoxide emitted from stoves, electrical appliances and plastic products, nitrogen peroxide, and decompose benzene released by the copier.


● The spider plant is suitable for placing on a high tabletop, flower stand, eaves, cabinet top, etc., or made into a flower basket.

● Avoid direct sunlight during the summer; keep it indoors for cold protection in winter. Always spray water on the foliage to increase humidity and prevent the tip from drying out.

2. The green radish is soft and soft, the green leaves are heart-shaped, and the radiance is lush.

Purification effect: Green radix can absorb benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air at the same time. A green pot with a height of 1.8 to 2.0 meters can purify 35 to 50 square meters of room air.


● Green radish is tenacious, management is relatively extensive, can be planted into a "green column", or placed on the top of the furniture cabinet, on a high stand, let the stems hang. In addition to living outdoors, halls, conference rooms, offices, etc. should be placed.

● Place the plants near a well-ventilated window to prevent direct sunlight during the summer and keep the room temperature at 10 °C in the winter.

3. Ivy leaves are dense, long and free, with a wide variety and beautiful and elegant.

Purification effect: Under the condition of 24-hour lighting, 1 pot of ivy can eliminate 90% of benzene in a room of about 70 square meters.


●Ivy is good for negative, suitable for potted plants and indoor vertical greening. Whether it is potted, tied into a bracket, or made into a hanging pot, it is very suitable.

● Don't forget to spray water on the foliage of plants to keep them fresh and prevent dryness. It is not advisable to let the soil in the basin be too wet to avoid rotten roots.

4. Aloe leaves are thick and juicy, green and smooth, with beautiful plants and beautiful inflorescences .

Purification: Studies have shown that aloe vera can absorb 90% of formaldehyde in 1 cubic meter of air under 24-hour lighting conditions.


● Potted aloe vera is suitable for being placed in the hall of the living room.

● Pay attention to keep aloe vera in full sunlight, and avoid direct sunlight in the summer to prevent burns.

5. The tiger-tailed orchid leaves stand like a sword, and the markings are like tiger tails.

Purification effect: Studies have shown that a pot of tiger-tail orchid can absorb more than 80% of various harmful gases in a room of about 10 square meters. Two pots of plants can purify the air in the general living room. It also absorbs carbon dioxide in the evening to make the indoor air fresh.


● The tiger-tail orchid can be planted in a purple sand pot and placed on a window sill, a coffee table, a desk, and the like.

● Huweilan is easy to maintain and drought-tolerant. It is a very good indoor foliage plant. The amount of water should not be too much to prevent the roots from getting too wet and causing decay.

6. The pineapple green leaves are bright, the scent is bright, and the flowering period is long. It is a potted flower that is very popular in modern cities.

Purification effect: If the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment is higher than 0.05%, it will make people feel depressed. Three or four pineapple plants, such as red heart pineapple, can be placed in the bedroom to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide. In addition, the degradation rate of formaldehyde by air pineapple is as high as 97%.


● Pineapple needs bright light, but the summer light is too strong, it should be placed in a cool place.

● The pineapple in the growing season should not be deficient in water. It is also necessary to spray water mist on the foliage to maintain high humidity.

Correct placement is good for health

Purified plants placed indoors should consider the function, size and environmental conditions of the room, and it is not much better. Usually about 10 square meters of living room, it is more suitable to place 2 pots of 1.5 meters high plants. Also note that:

● Plants such as tigertail orchid, red heart pineapple, air pineapple, sedum, longevity flower, nest fern, golden retriever fern, wolftail fern, etc., will open the stomata at night, absorb carbon dioxide, make the air fresh and pleasant, suitable for placement in the bedroom.

● Do not place thorny cactus, tall plants or pot racks with poor stability in the children's room to avoid accidents.

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