Sun Feifei classical beauty transformation fashion woman flower

Recently, Sun Feifei, a popular female artist named "The First Classical Beauty in the Mainland", was invited by the fashion TV show fashion dressing garden to enter the "Star T stage show" and show her talents. Demonstrating a variety of fashion brands that are very different, showcasing the top fashion charm of the stars.

Sun Feifei classical beauty transformation fashion woman flower

Sun Feifei exudes classical beauty

Sun Feifei classical beauty transformation fashion woman flower

Sun Feifei handsome fashion

Sun Feifei classical beauty transformation fashion woman flower

Sun Feifei interpretation of Chinese clothing

"Sunflower", like the passion of "Van Gogh"

Since his debut, Sun Feifei has been awarded the title of “the first classical beauty in the Mainland” for his outstanding acting skills and his beautiful and elegant appearance. This stage of the star TV show is just the right time, making the enthusiastic audience who loves her enjoy the amazing side of Sun Feifei's quiet classical style, which is often overlooked.

The first set of fashions performed by Sun Feifei is an orange-red dress with a slightly Republican style, with a black cloak, and the blooming black peony on the top of the magenta hat on the top of the head is buried in a cool interpretation. Under the "passion", the finishing touches are outstanding.

"Women are like flowers. If you use a flower to describe this suit, I think it should be a sunflower," Sun Feifei said. "Because sunflower symbolizes the sun and the enthusiasm of life, it stands still in the field and remains arrogant and calm. The present is both gorgeous and gorgeous, and at the same time harmonious.” In addition to this costume, Sun Feifei first thought of Van Gogh, an artist admired by the whole world, grew up with art, Van Gogh As an idol, I only know that I love sunflowers, and I have left the famous masterpiece. Today, through real interpretation, I feel the passion of Van Gogh as I feel.

Sun Feifei's military uniform turned into a female devil's dream and Alpacino "dating"

When asked about which character he likes most, Sun Feifei unexpectedly said that Chu Xiangxue in "Inside", because it is the most inseparable from the "first classical beauty in the Mainland" since its debut, The most distinctive role for yourself. Coincidentally, participating in the fashion dressing program, the second set of clothing prepared by the column group for Fifi is a pair of dark green military style neutral fashion. When it comes to using a flower to describe this suit, it is undoubtedly a lily.

The love of Chu Xiangxue in "Inside" has largely reflected his tribute to his peer idols, Hollywood actor predecessors, and his favorite movie "The Godfather", who met Al Pacino from that classic film. Unexpected embarrassment, sexy tango, the height, hair color and even the color of the eyes recognized by the smell of perfume... "The veteran blind soldier in "Scent of Women" is a real understanding and appreciation of women, interpretation of this costume Guided me to think a lot, thinking that it is like dating a master of my own respect. The cold and skillfulness of the military uniform is a male world. This temperament is imposed on women and gives them two genders in the body. The multiple experiences of the two 'roles'. This feeling of enrichment allows you to learn more."

Sun Feifei's dream of "white rose" is said to be in harmony with the sexy nature of Pisces.

As the last bomb in the series of "Star T-Taiwan" series, Sun Feifei wore a white low-cut dress, and the elegant and sexy rose behind it was particularly eye-catching, with the former arrogant, cool and capable. In contrast, this fashion shows the feminine beauty and sensuality that the creator gives to women from the inside out. And she is the representative work of Yang Guanhua, the most famous designer in the Chinese fashion industry.

The interpretation of this costume is inspired by the most feminine of the twelve constellations, and also the most romantic origin of Pisces. According to legend, Pisces is the embodiment of the goddess Venus and Cupid, which brings together all the most beautiful and romantic elements. What is unique is that Sun Feifei is a romantic Pisces woman, so she has a natural heart for this dream and sexy. The rose that is the crowning touch is just right to incorporate all the qualities into the elegance and subtlety of the oriental women, and finally return to Sun Feifei's unique innate classical temperament.

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