Redwood furniture is easy to change, and it is difficult for investors to have new tricks.

Furniture sales fell overall but rosewood furniture sales did not fall


Since last year, due to the influence of real estate control policies, the sales of furniture have declined overall, but the sales of mahogany furniture have not declined. Some industry experts said that there are fewer private investment channels, and many hot money in the real estate market have been looking for other. The investment channel, the current stock market is sluggish, the futures risk is large, and the mahogany furniture with great appreciation space is naturally seen by many investors, and many investors have the speculative psychology of buying up and not buying, so mahogany The higher the price of furniture, the more people invest in the mahogany market.


Some customers told reporters that inflation expectations are now increasing, saving money is not as good as saving redwood. To some extent, redwood can also resist inflation. He believes that as long as the Chinese economy develops steadily and upwardly, the price of mahogany furniture will also rise steadily and rationally.


Most of the Ming and Qing dynasty mahogany furniture on the market today are modern and high imitation. Some of them are imitations of the cultural relics in the Forbidden City. Although this type of furniture has no historical value, it is a valuable mahogany and exquisite craftsmanship, so the appreciation space is large.


But even if it is the same tree, the quality will be different due to the orientation. Wanting to buy a good mahogany requires a wealth of experience and a unique vision, coupled with the price of mahogany is worrying, the prospects of mahogany furniture are confusing. Therefore, we remind everyone that when buying mahogany furniture for the purpose of investment and collection, we should be cautious and do not follow the trend blindly.


The price of mahogany furniture has risen by more than 40%, ushered in a large number of investors.


Precious and durable mahogany furniture has always been a favorite of Japanese people and collectibles. But this year, driven by investment demand, the quiet mahogany furniture market has begun to soar. The products are rare and expensive, and the well-made and well-made mahogany furniture is quite expensive. It does have the scarcity of investment products. However, the problem of difficult trading and high price of mahogany furniture in the market may be the risk that investors should pay more attention to. After all, the characteristic of mahogany furniture is that “collection is easy to invest”.

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