Milk beverage paper packaging: green packaging

Milk beverage paper packaging usually refers to paper packaging for packaging milk, fruit juices, tea beverages, soy milk, etc. There are "brick" type, "pillow" type, "bottle" type, and "drill" type, such as Yaha Coffee carton packaging. In the case of Tetra Pak aseptic paper packaging, milk beverage paper packaging has good environmental characteristics and can be recycled and reused.

Tetra Pak aseptic packaging consists of a combination of paper, aluminum foil and polyethylene plastic six layers of which long fiber high quality pulp, aluminum and plastic are approximately 75%, 5% and 20%, respectively. The package can effectively prevent all factors that affect the deterioration of milk and drinks from "invading", including germs, oxygen, microorganisms, ultraviolet rays, moisture, etc., so as to achieve the effect of preservation, preservation, nutrient preservation, and deliciousness. The use of Tetra Pak aseptically packaged products, without the addition of preservatives, can be stored at room temperature for a long period of time. The shortest can be stored for 45 days and the longest is up to 12 months.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the growing awareness of health, the demand for beverages such as milk and fruit juices is increasing, and the resulting discarded Tetra Pak packaging is also increasing. Because people may not understand that Tetra Pak can be recycled, it is often thrown away. In fact, they are completely a kind of "misplaced resources." Through the processing and processing of professional manufacturers, the disposal of Tetra Pak can produce a large number of household products such as recycled paper, flooring, trash cans, hangers, table tennis rackets, and trays. And industrial materials, both beneficial to environmental protection, but also can produce good economic benefits.

At present, the Tetra Pak recycled packaging is mainly treated by the following four technologies or processes for recycling:

First, the hydraulic reclaimed pulp technology: Separation of the pulp from Tetra Pak's packaging to produce recycled paper; and the extrusion of plastic and aluminum components from Tetra Pak into pellets has become a good raw material for the production of plastics and aluminum products.

Second, plastic wood technology: Tetra Pak packaging itself contains high-quality paper fibers and plastic, crushed and squeezed to produce plastic wood products, such as interior furniture, outdoor gardening facilities, industrial trays, etc., to make the best use of .

Third, color music board technology: The Tetra Pak packaging will be directly crushed and hot-pressed to make a color board. Colorful music board can be made into a variety of products, especially the trash box, beautiful and durable, and low cost. The “Expo bench for the environment” that has taken off at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is made of this material.

4. Aluminum-plastic separation process: The semi-chemical and semi-mechanical method is used to completely separate the aluminum film layer and the plastic film layer. After the relevant scientific research institutions detect, the separated aluminum powder and plastic film completely meet the quality requirements of industrial raw materials. After grain can be widely used in the production of a variety of non-food containers, aluminum powder grinding can be widely used in pesticides, paints, fireworks and aluminum-plastic sheet and gift production of raw materials.

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