Choose the right eye makeup with color enamel shines

Choi , as a ticket to the world, is like a magical Pandora's box, which can't be closed once it is opened. Although these magical color films make the ordinary monotonous black and white "visual" world become colorful, you will be simply satisfied with this little change? Then match it with a suitable eye makeup , so that your charm index soars to the top, sparkling and glamorous.

Melancholy silver ash

Choose the right eye makeup with color çž³ shine glamour

It seems that the eyes with heavy fog cover the sorrow that is unwilling to reveal, and may be hurt, but still stubborn... It can be matched with eye shadow color with high transparency or high saturation, eyeliner painting and long eyelashes are the focus.

A slightly wider eyeliner can be drawn with a black eyeliner, and then the silvery pearlescent eye shadow smudges the edges of the eyeliner to give a natural, soft and radiant finish.

Charm golden brown

Choose the right eye makeup with color çž³ shine glamour

Like the eyes embedded with lace, the tenderness of the water flows with the waves, like silk...

It can be used with eye makeup of different colors, and it can be naturally fresh or highly transparent. Brown or black inner eyeliner with optional warm eye shadow.

Love ice blue

Choose the right eye makeup with color çž³ shine glamour

If silver-gray is a stubborn melancholy, then ice blue is a melancholy melancholy. How can you not feel pity for the eyes of the lake?

Avoid heavy makeup to highlight the clear blue eyes. Suitable for coffee, purple or light eye shadow, coffee or black mascara.

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