Sisley Sisley presents "Pure Plant to Aromatherapy"

The French plant beauty leading brand sisley Sisley opened the sisley Sisley aromatherapy workshop in Wenzhou Times Square Shopping Center on July 28, 2011, presenting “Pure Plant to Aromatherapy” for the beauty lovers. This aromatherapy treatment is a concentrated expression of sisley's high quality service, with a unique French skin oil, high quality products, experienced beauticians and special care techniques to create a top French skin experience. Let customers feel the natural plants, give the body relaxation, soothe the soul that has not been released for a long time, and let it be intoxicated. At present, sisley Sisley Aromatherapy Workshop can be found in Shanghai Oriental Commercial Building, Shanghai Yaohan, Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center, Suzhou Jiuguang Department Store, Kunming Jinge Shopping Center, Chengdu Wangfujing Department Store, Wuhan Square Shopping Center and Xi'an Golden Eagle International Shopping Center. This year, sisley Sisley will open a brand new aromatherapy workshop in Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin and Changchun to meet the needs of customers. Please pay attention to the opening information!

Sisley Sisley presents "Pure Plant to Aromatherapy"

Beautiful and enjoyable, from the concept of plant skin care sisley Sisley pure plant to scented aromatherapy, adhering to the sisley Sisley "plant cosmetology" concept, the use of high quality sisley Sisley maintenance products. The whole pure plant to scented aromatherapy treatment begins with breathing exercises, using a variety of natural plant essential oils to help the body and mind relax, purify and detoxify, and drive away fatigue. The plant essential oils used are exclusively owned by sisley aromatherapy and are not marketed. Professional nursing practices, strictly comply with international uniform standards. The entire massage process requires the beauty therapist to do it in one go, without interruption. Massage and enjoy the essence of the plant, from the gentle fingertips to the skin, the delicate response is as bright and clean as ever. The whole body is filled with endless relaxation and soothing, so that customers feel more respectful and enjoyable.

Different skin types, customized 8 personality schemes for different skin types and skin care needs, sisley Sisley pure plant to scented aromatherapy care to provide customers with 8 different treatments: moisturizing condensate treatment, bright skin beauty Treatment, soft and soothing treatment, clean face treatment, whitening treatment, anti-wrinkle treatment, special moisturizing treatment, extreme condensation treatment. Each treatment is accompanied by a tailored botanical oil that doubles the healing power. Flowing music, quiet atmosphere, no matter what kind of skin age and skin type you are, you can relax, enjoy and experience the personalized and luxurious treatment process, and enjoy the professional massage enjoyment from France. .

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