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Let Asian women use a few words to describe the state of their ideal skin, "white çš™" is definitely the most frequent occurrence. According to the survey, more than 90% of Asian women suffer from severe whitening and dissatisfaction. This phenomenon is dubbed "Snow White Syndrome". Every year, MMs spend a lot of money on whitening products. But whitening every year is still black. In fact, you don't have to pay so much money, you can spend the same amount of money. Let's take a look at how the five actresses use some cheap ingredients to create a flawless skin !
Li Jing: Yogurt whitening cost-effective Li Jing revealed in his "Beautiful Beauty" that his whitening method is to use a cotton pad to put on yogurt to apply his face. Because yogurt itself contains a lot of water, it can play a role in moisturizing the skin. It also contains enzymes that can exfoliate. The cotton sheet itself has a relatively small area and can be applied to places where it is necessary to focus on whitening, without causing waste.
Normal skin is used twice a week. If it is sensitive skin, the yeast of the yogurt itself will also be irritating to sensitive skin, so use it once a week.
Lin Chi-ling: Milk bath whitening body for whitening, not only the maintenance of the face should be in place, the body skin can not be ignored. As the years go by, body skin such as the waist, abdomen, neck and other places are prone to uneven skin tone, then learn Lin Zhiling's body whitening method!
"If you must say that you have to maintain your homework every day, then it is a bath for me. Our greed is not just to stay in the white face, but to make every inch of the skin white and tender. Of course it is impossible to be extravagant." The body is covered with a whitening mask, and the milk bath is the best way. "In the interview, Lin Zhiling revealed her major secret of whitening.
"Assume that there is sufficient time before going to bed at night, you can add fresh milk or essential oil to the bathtub, which can help the blood circulation. Especially the milk bath can make the whole body white and soft." The amount of milk is not very large. Usually, it is enough to use three bags of milk each time.
Bathing in the morning before going out has a magical effect, not only can quickly get rid of the state of distress, but also make the color ruddy, full of energy throughout the day. If you have a major event, you can apply a whitening mask during the bath and it will be transparent and hydrated throughout the day.

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