Dress up tips and tricks

As the years go by, the woman's face is also dying, so many women love to dress up . Xiaobian introduced a few tips to make a mature woman become 10 years old!

One of the tricks: a blush

Question: What are the common characteristics of dolls, little princesses and little girls? Answer: blushing face, the term blush.

In fact, in daily makeup, blush is an indispensable step. It is necessary to improve the shape of the face and adjust the complexion. However, flip your cosmetic bag, for your dreamy youth dress, please do not use orange and natural color blush, they are too mature colors. Switch to a box of pure pink, in addition to the usual cheek position, you may wish to use more pink in the raised part of the smile, draw a circle with a rouge brush, draw your youth to draw. Looking in the mirror, from smile to happy laugh, healthy and lovely face is definitely a symbol of youth.

Tender two tricks: thick eyelashes

Brigitte Bardot - the real version of the Barbie doll that was loved by those years, which appeared not with round eyes and long eyelashes. Under the eyelashes, let the man faint a large piece. You might say, what is this, isn't it false eyelashes? Give me the scorpion and I will stick.

In fact, the pattern of eyelashes can be played more and more. You must have at least one thick mascara. Repeated brushing can achieve a doll-like thick effect. In addition to the thick, remember that only the effect of the upper eyelashes is not to create a princess, you have to work hard on your lower eyelashes and turn them into two small combs.

If your own eyelashes are not enough weight, you can buy fake eyelashes that are divided into small clusters. Paste them at the end of the eyes and become sexy kittens. Distracting and sticking becomes a cute little, you can do whatever you want. Of course, in order to dress in a place with poor light, you can boldly use the fan-shaped, colored, sequined false eyelashes to ensure that you are the cutest of the women!

Dress up the tender trick: the clarity lip gloss

In color terminology, clarity and grayscale are contrasts. The higher the clarity, the more conspicuous the color, and the higher the grayscale, the more stable and bleak. We often use less natural colors when we go to work to be professional and trusted. When you are tender, you must stay away from all the dark colors. Crystal bright orange, pink, red, use it with confidence, and a little bit of lip gloss, blue silver green, you can also sway, but it is necessary to dress tender, take out all the tricks of high school girls!

Dress up the tender tricks: color eyeshadow

How many color skirts do you have, you have to have more than 3 times the number of eyeshadows.

Don't hesitate to buy all the bright eye shadows on the color list. The color of the eye shadow is the most varied color in the makeup, that is, all the colors can be used as eye shadow. Colors are law-abiding. You can wear yellow eyeshadows in pink dresses, rose eyeshadows in blue dresses, and green eyeshadows in rose-colored dresses. Be bold again, mixing color blocks is a high-level position. Be careful when practicing. The red and green matching skirts are absolutely coquettish, and the red-green matching eye shadows can be too awkward.

Dress up the tender tricks: the credit of freckles

You used to hate freckles, but the fact is that freckles are patents that are not grown up.

Going through fashion magazines, almost every cute model has a freckle face. You don't have it, but you can make a fake. Use a natural brown eyebrow pencil to click on the cheekbones. The intensity is determined by your psychological endurance.

Tender flower trick six: DIY hairstyle

The face of the cute little girl is always buried in the matted hair. It seems that all over the world is playing around, and I am happy without heart. Isn’t this the mood you want?

Straight hair, long hair and short hair can be related to "youth", but the most important thing is that any hair style can not be too neat, please follow this "baby in love" this summer to catch your hair, if necessary Use a curling iron to roll a few times and then grab the mess, the effect is brilliant.

Dress up the tender tricks: carefully choose hair color

Forgive me for having to announce that the color of the wine red gold brown grapes often used in these hair salons has nothing to do with the tenderness. If you are unfortunate enough to use it, I suggest you pay for it again, and our tender career can be abandoned halfway! Pure black, dark brown, golden yellow is your choice, bold, dark blue, deep purple, dark green can be enjoyed for you. These colors are not reflective, they will appear thick hair, but also suitable for messy effects, frankly showing the childhood style of dizzying. remember! Don't give up on the unintelligible highlights.

Dress up the tender tricks: small flower accessories

Go and grab the flowers from your cute little niece's head! Of course, this important prop is indispensable. Adding to the loose hair is a beautiful decoration, or you can become a unique brooch on the collar and placket. But be careful: the small flower accessories that appear on your head or on your body must be fine, and the shiny diamond-encrusted flowers can make your dressing image more effective!

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