Su Lien join hands to interpret healthy and environmentally friendly "new life"

With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly pursuing the quality of life, especially in the environment of environmental protection and energy conservation, green and healthy life is more important. In order to comply with the development trend of the society, household appliances, home improvement and other industries have increased the research and development of energy-saving technologies and products. However, most enterprises do not have real environmental protection technology, and products marked with energy-saving and environmental protection are still in use. There are many problems. However, this situation in the flooring industry was broken by Su Lien. The "zero formaldehyde" floor produced by strong independent research and development technology is widely used in green home and kindergarten decoration projects, high-end villas, children's rooms and apartments, which are deeply loved by consumers. Recognition.

It is understood that in order to let users quickly and easily understand the information about Su Lien enterprises and products, Su Lien is perfectly equipped with 12114 information address service platform, mobile phone users only need to edit "Su Lien floor", send it to 12114 as short message, click SMS reply URL The link makes it easy to log in to the Rubik's mobile phone website in Su Lien. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can enjoy browsing the corporate website anytime and anywhere, creating safe, healthy, durable, first-class service quality, green and ecological, zero damage, zero damage, zero pollution. Comfortable home environment. It is understood that Su Lien's Rubik's Cube mobile phone website is developed by Xinwang Internet with the support of its professional technology to develop enterprise mobile application service products.

Su Lien and 12114 play a new life of health and environmental protection"

Since its inception, Su Lien has been adhering to the concepts of harmonious development of human and nature, sustainable development of social economy, and rational use of natural resources. It implements the internationally accepted ISO9001 quality management system, ISO4000 environmental certification and ISO14001 environmental management system standards. Quality is better than national standards. The product substrate adopts the “Zero Realm Fragrance Board” produced by Wanhua Ecological Board Industry. It can be used as a raw material for fast-recycling crop straws. It is completely free of toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and phenol, and is widely used in the medical field. As a binder, it has good stability and safety. The downstream products of MDI are also used in the fields of people's livelihood and medical contact, including clothing for Lycra fiber, refrigerator liner material, and even implanted in human body. Artificial organs such as artificial blood vessels and heart valves. Completely solved the problem of formaldehyde in the furniture industry that has long plagued people, and created a home environment with zero formaldehyde.

Su Lien and 12114 play a new life of health and environmental protection"

On the Rubik's mobile phone website in Su Lien, you can not only view Su Lien's company introduction, product introduction, etc., but also set the map guide of the company in this Rubik's mobile phone website, especially for the users who drive, it is easy to find the map. Company specific location.

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, SMEs have realized that they have crossed from "traditional Internet" to "mobile Internet", and stepping into mobile marketing has become an irreversible trend in the future. As a new service guiding method combining traditional Internet domain name technology and mobile communication technology, 12114 information name is the commercial logo of enterprises on the mobile Internet, which enables mobile phone users to establish and serve information service providers at any time, anywhere and with them. The service association between the two ensures a more accurate service.

According to estimates, if a family adopts Su Lien health furniture (calculated according to the general three-bedroom and one-bedroom), it can reduce the damage caused to the human body by using about 200 kilograms of formaldehyde, which can reduce the cutting of 50 trees with a diameter of 25cm and a height of 2 meters. Then, Su Lien floor and 12114 is a very wise choice, not only to create a safe and comfortable living environment, but also to contribute to the energy conservation and environmental protection of the society.

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