Let the summer makeup "naked" to the end

Summer is coming, nude makeup is beginning to flourish, and nude makeup is a makeup that looks like it has not been makeup. There is no trace of makeup, but it looks a lot more refined than usual - this is the first impression of nude makeup.

Fresh and natural nude makeup

Fresh and natural nude makeup

For the fresh and natural nude makeup, the makeup marks of the eyebrow pencil are too obvious. Use the eyebrow brush to gently brush the natural and light-colored eyebrow powder at the end of the eyebrows, and only draw the original eyebrows. Deliberately modified. When you are finished, you can put some white glitter on the underside of the brow bone to highlight the brow bone and the whole face will look three-dimensional.

Before applying makeup, it is very important to choose the color of the foundation. Under natural light, find a thin, liquid foundation that is close to your skin color, or a dry and wet foundation.

When applying makeup, first apply some lotion on the sponge, then pour the foundation directly onto the sponge, and use the sponge to push the foundation down. This will be much more uniform than directly pushing it by hand, which will be a thin feeling. After smearing it, put a thin layer of powder to help fix the makeup. The makeup should be pure and shiny. The perfect lip makeup should look like ripe fruit. Lip gloss makeup is the easiest. Choose a high-gloss transparent or pink lip gloss to create a hydrating nude makeup effect, and your nude makeup will be completed.

Nude makeup blush

Nude makeup blush

Blush can modify the contours of your cheeks, giving you a healthy complexion, or a cute or sunny look. Even if you are pursuing the cleanest and most transparent nude makeup effect, don't miss the blush. We can use pink blush to modify the face and face. Use a large-sized brush to rub the rouge on the cheeks on both sides. The larger the brush, the more natural the brush is. In order to reflect the texture of the skin, you can also pat the cheeks to create a flawless look.

We have a lot of mold for plastic Educational Toys and also support our customer to open their own mold. 

OEM and ODM designs are welcome.

MOQ: normally 5000set/design, or we can further discuss.

Sampling: if we have samples available, we're glad to send you free sample as long as you can offer us your courier number.

Certificate: our art sets are able to pass EN71 part 1 to part 3, Phthalate free, ASTM D-4236, CPSIA HR4040...etc.

Delivery: usually 35-40 days after approval of pre-production sample.

Payment terms: 30% TT deposit prepaid, 70% TT balance against BL copy.

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