11s make-up woman turns perfectly in an instant

Summer is a season of love. Everyone hopes to be more charming and charming in this season. The following small series will bring you the latest makeup trend, let you lead others to learn about the latest trend of makeup. Seconds ( 11s) Makeup The latest Sunshine Holiday series makeup, these new spring and summer 2011 makeup products can not only bring you beautiful makeup, cute packaging can also capture your girl's heart!

In the beauty makeup, we are always easy to take detours, often very simple steps or methods, we are not only very complicated to complete it, waste time not to say, often the results are not as good as expected, for various reasons, This is the most direct relationship between us and our common sense of makeup. For a moment, you will carefully analyze the makeup common sense and key points of various parts of the face. After reading it, you will suddenly realize it.

In order to bring the gospel, makeup and style to all the beauty of women, Ms. Nancy, Vice President of Cosmetics Marketing Department, invited the 11-second make-up and development elite team to showcase the international cutting-edge makeup technology to Chinese college consumers for the first time. Including eye shadow, foundation two essential makeup, let you draw the most popular sweet, smoky eye makeup, but also help to modify the face shape, enhance the charming and good looks. Whether it's a fashion lady or a sweet little princess, party day or usual day, bring it, low-key can also make you a focus!

In the show 11s makeup event, the makeup masters explained a lot of product knowledge about 11s, such as painting apple red face in 11s seconds. Use the "circle sweep" method to sweep the blush in the circle at the highest point of the humerus. The color of the blush cannot be too heavy, using a lighter natural color. The creamy or liquid blush is moisturizing and has a good fit, and it is more radiant and radiant. When painting eyebrows, avoid eyebrows that are too thin, eyebrows are too picky, color is too heavy, and natural softness is the best, otherwise it will look old and stiff. The eyeliner should be drawn along the root of the eye, and the tail of the eye should be slightly thicker and pulled up slightly at the end of the upper end of the eye. You can also use the eyeliner to stretch the eyes longitudinally and add more ink in the middle of the eyelids. Black and thick eyelashes are also the key to creating a cute round eye. Appropriate selection of black contact lenses increases the cuteness of the eyes.

Through the makeup of the makeup artist, 11 seconds of makeup in just 11 seconds, let a girl with a dull skin become bright and fresh, women use their superb makeup skills, they just turn themselves into people The spurting poster beauty, the effect makes people have to admit that the makeup is magical. Make the whole makeup more natural.

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