Color matching skills of art paints in home decoration

In a complete space, the color matching of art paint plays a vital role, so how to match it will have a good effect? Here is a brief introduction.

First, red is the most eye-catching color. Compared with the blue that visually shrinks, red has a strong impact on vision. Therefore, when using on large items such as furniture and curtains, be sure to pay attention to easing the pressure, and control the amount of use in about 20% of the total amount, or do not use bright red. Instead, use a gray tone or a dark shade of red instead of a gray tone or a dark shade of red. Speaking of pink, it is not as strong as red, but it has a clear impression and can be used in a cute and mature fashion. Gorgeous red, pure white, mature pink against each other, competing for beauty.

1, fresh and light

The fresh and light colors are beige, almond, goose yellow and other colors that help the mind to relax, so that the body and mind can relax the space with soft colors. The color of this series is the basic style of the decoration family. The ordinary family chooses these three colors are more versatile. If the requirements for the decoration effect are not very strict, you can choose one of the colors for decoration.

2, neutral nature

The neutral natural color system that highlights the concept of environmental protection in brown, gray-green, gray, etc., leads people to cultivate anti-decisive thinking. The three colors in this color system are all cool colors, so it is relatively suitable for the decoration group with a slightly longer age. Because these three colors are more "cool", you need to be cautious in the matching of soft clothes to show the best results.

Second, the color of the colorless series represented by white and red, suitable for any color, is not disorganized. The gray and red colors that belong to the same colorless system are also excellent. The combination of red and gray adds a subtle dark tone to the uniform bright tones, which makes it look elegant and modern. To "expose gorgeous in peace", try using this color scheme.

3, classic and colorful

The classic multi-color system that emphasizes the fusion of things in light green, burgundy, light blue, etc., creates timeless classic values ​​in the fashion trend. Not only is the color of this collection popular on the paint, but next year, green furniture and colorful and lively furniture will become a fashion element. This type of color is relatively suitable for younger people.

4, happy and bright

Looking forward to the bright and colorful colors of pink, lavender, bright orange, etc., it is a optimistic and positive step from the downturn of the past year. The three colors of this series are undoubtedly the great love of MM. In general, most of the pink is used in the bedroom, but from next year, the large area of ​​pink will begin to prevail! Are you ready for pink?

Third, the highest degree of color is yellow. Yellow can give a warm feeling. However, because it is as prominent and striking as red, so using too much vivid yellow on large items can be irritating. It is most suitable to use the whitish milky yellow as the base color of the wall or curtain. Because it makes the vision open, it makes people feel that the room is spacious.

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