Let's go to the spring to enjoy the spring and oil

It seems that when spring arrives, like the heavy clothes that are eliminated in the closet, the dark and dark makeup in the cosmetic bag can't wait to be replaced by bright and light eyeshadow, clear white foundation and pink and smooth lipstick. . In the clear weather, put on a fresh and beautiful spring makeup, go out and enjoy the spring and oily green.

1 pay tribute to the modern Chinese beauty

Pay tribute to the modern Chinese beauty

ESTEELAUDER Butterfly Hyun City China Limited Edition Five-color Eye Shadow Disk RMB520

Combining the ingenious combination of five metallic colors, the beautiful color is loaded into the classic flower gold mirror case, with full-mirror packaging and two custom-made eye shadow brushes, which combine usability and luxury.

2 must-have items in the cosmetic bag

SHISEIDOMAQUILLAGE Spiral Makeup Brightness Dual-use Powder + Brightening Powder Box

SHISEIDOMAQUILLAGE Scheming Lights Constant Density Dual-use Powder + Brightening Powder Box RMB400

Through the light-sensing technology and fine particles of the shadow effect, the delicate touch-sensitive powder with delicate and transparent face and the gorgeous pink box with inlaid brilliant crystal decoration must be the must-have items in this season's cosmetic bag. Add elegance and confidence everywhere.