Valentine's house is a beautiful little action

All the stars announce their love and show happiness, and you also hope to appear in front of others with the other half! Keeping your appearance in the best condition is the main part of maintaining your feelings. Daren wants to share small tricks with you.

Matching people


Matching people, love food and more like body.

Let's shape together

If you don't have the power to exercise alone, just do sports with TA, because studies have shown that the touch between couples can better express love.

Human body seesaw to create beautiful PP

Practice here: main buttocks, lower hips, upper hips

Step1 Two people face each other, 1 meter away, hold each other's hands.

Step2 A person starts to lift the right leg backwards and presses the upper body, gets up, and another person repeats this action.

After lifting the leg can lift PP

After lifting the leg, you can tilt the PP, but you can't hold on until you watch the TV while you lift your legs. Even if you start practicing, you will slowly lower the height from the ground. It is very necessary to find him to help you at this time. May you come to a small game to see who can lift more times.

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Two thin legs

Practice here: thigh, lower abdomen

Step1 The boys lay flat on their backs, and the thighs were lifted up a little, and they showed two 90-degree stops with the calves and abdomen. Step2 can grab the girl's legs and assist in the movement; likewise, two people can practice alternately.

Xiao Yan: The focus of the action is to slow the legs and let the upper body relax, so that you can really reach the strength of the front side of the thigh and the lower abdomen.

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