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Living room: The variety to be used in the living room includes Fuguizhu, Fortune, Penglaisong, Qiyelian, Fortune Tree, Money Tree, Lucky Tree, Clivia, Orchid, Cyclamen, and Orange. These flowers contain good luck and good fortune.

Home feng shui plants in 2012: The money tree is a perennial evergreen plant, an extremely rare foliage plant with underground tubers, native to tropical Africa. China was introduced from the Netherlands in 1997 and appeared in Fangcun and Shunde Chencun, Guangzhou. The money leaves are thick and the leaves are bright, just like a coin linked together. Therefore, it is named after this.

Home feng shui plants in 2012: Clivia is a famous greenhouse flower. China has two species introduced from Europe and Japan. The former flower is small and drooping, and it is called Laughing Clivia; the latter is large and upward, and it is called the flowering Clivia, which is the most common species currently cultivated. The color of the gentleman orchid is green and lustrous. The flower looks like a torch. The color is orange-red and dignified. It is the ideal potted flower for beautifying the environment. The flowers of the gentleman's orchid are drooping, subtle and subtle, elegant and solemn, and have a charm.

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