Xinba Floor Wu Jun: Grasping the upstream forestry resources

辛巴地板新渠道应对新市场 掌握上游林业资源

Wu Jun, general manager of Simba Flooring

New products launched in the domestic and foreign markets

Simba flooring was mainly dominated by the export market, and it turned from the financial crisis to the domestic market. At present, the Simba floor has been adjusted from the original 90% of the export structure to 50% of the current domestic sales and exports. Wu Jun, general manager of Simba flooring, said that due to the poor overall market conditions in 2011, the overall sales share of the flooring industry is falling. The interest rate hike, rising labor costs and foreign exchange appreciation are all squeezing the survival space of enterprises.

In recent years, the share of Simba flooring in the US market has been gradually reduced, turning to Russia, South America, and East Asia. In particular, since the beginning of last year, the US launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations against China. After the initial ruling, many export-oriented enterprises have carried higher tax rates, profits have been continuously compressed, and they have to gradually abandon the US market and adopt new ones. The market to add. According to Wu Jun, the Simba floor is also affected by the “double reverse” of the floor. The current tax rate for export to the United States is 13.13%, of which 2.25% is countervailing duty and 10.88% is anti-dumping tax rate.

Since 2011, Simba flooring has introduced new products for both the domestic and export markets. In 2011, we imported a new production line for laminate flooring from Germany. At present, the solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring are not only complete in variety, but also have three grades: high, medium and low.

Enter new channels of e-commerce

At present, e-commerce is prevalent in all walks of life, and the home industry is no exception. Xinba floor actively enters this new channel. Wu Jun said that the e-commerce channel has a great help to open the domestic market. Simba Floor cooperates with Taobao Mall to cooperate with online and offline stores to move some flooring products to Taobao Mall. Newly opened physical store. “This model is very novel, consumers can see all the products on the Internet, and in the physical store can satisfy people's experience.” Wu Jun said.

Home-based enterprises need to face the consumer experience when they enter e-commerce. At the same time, because household products tend to have a large single amount, they do not bring objective orders to enterprises like clothing. For the first type, Wu Jun said that e-commerce must be coordinated online and offline, so that consumers can have a sense of experience and enjoy the convenience of online shopping. The second problem, Wu Jun said that from the perspective of its own company, in the e-commerce, it is still based on brand promotion, and choose low-end price products to enter the mall. He said that since entering the mall, there have been many orders received.

In addition to the emerging channel of e-commerce, Simba Floor also cooperated with upstream real estate developers to enter the fine decoration market. For example, there are projects that work together with Shanghai Longhu and Beijing Capital. According to the trend of national policies, this part of the business of fine decoration will continue to increase its proportion.

Grasping upstream forestry resources

The floor is a resource-consuming industry, and many well-known flooring companies are considering the issue of forestry follow-up resources. Simba flooring is also being considered. In 2010, Simba Floor participated in New Zealand's Pacific Forestry Company, focusing on world-wide forestry resources. In China, in addition to the main base in Jiangsu, Simba Floor will also establish production bases in Northeast China and Sichuan. In addition to the advantages of local industrial clusters and labor advantages, it is a local rich forestry resource. It is understood that the production base for laminate flooring will be established in the northeast.

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