Please see the best feng shui for wedding photos.

Wedding photos are a symbol of a couple's feelings, and it always gives a feeling of beauty and romance. So how is the wedding photo placed in the wedding room, and where is the most suitable for wedding room Feng Shui?


Newlyweds must see! The best feng shui for wedding photos

The northwest and southwest of the bedroom represent a marriage relationship, and some items representing beautiful wishes can be placed in this position instead of wedding photos. However, some photos of beautiful men and women are still best, let the other half fall in love with others, but instead provoke peaches for each other. Generally speaking, when you put a wedding photo or a honeymoon in the southwest, it shows that the person represented by this direction regards the other party as the life partner.


Newlyweds must see! The best feng shui for wedding photos

The bedside of the wedding room bedroom should be placed in a wedding photo: the bedside represents the mountain, the mountain represents the Ding, the mountain represents the water, the wedding photo is placed on the bedside, and there is a good emotional life between the husband and wife. The wedding photo is placed on the mountain, which means that the two have a lot of money and entanglement in the money, but this also means that the good side represents the deep feelings of the two. The wedding photo can not be placed on the right side of the bed. In the school, the right side is called the "white tiger position", and placing it on this side will be detrimental to the marriage. Wedding photos should be placed on the left side of the bed, that is, "Qinglong", which can make the marriage of the two people blessed and happy.

Therefore, the wedding room bedroom bed is best placed wedding photos!

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