6 anti-aging masks that keep skin fresh forever

As time goes by, the years are ruthlessly leaving traces on your face, so we worry, we are afraid. This winter joy has helped you to drive away these worries! Let's take a look at the 6 anti-aging masks recommended for you, let the skin say goodbye to the signs of the years.

Hydration Youth Energy Essence Mask

Product Name: Hydration Youth Energy Essence Mask

Product price: 6 pieces / box 1070 yuan

Recommended reason: This facial film contains the active ingredient equivalent to 30 ml of essence, which will deeply infiltrate the skin moisturizing anti-aging treatment effect and enjoyment. The package with six-sided film is in the dark blue of this series. This rejuvenating facial should be used once or twice a week. It is also very suitable for long-haul flights.

Episteme 嫒 知 修 修 修 修

Product Name: episteme嫒 知知倍润修修膜

Product price: 32ml × 6 pieces / 960 yuan

Recommended reason: 4 large aging active ingredients act on the skin for concentrated care. A mask that can really feel the skin's beautiful feeling. A unique, thick, thick liquid that adheres to the skin and is absorbed into the skin. Creates a bright, elastic, soft skin that appears from the inside of the skin. It is made of two membranes that are separated from the top and bottom, and adhere to the skin without any gap.

SK-II Revitalizing Firming Double-Sided Film

Product Name: SK-II Revitalizing Firming Double-Sided Film

Product price: 6 pieces / 890 yuan

Recommended reason: with the theme of anti-aging tight face double-sided film. The newly upgraded SK-II Revitalizing Eye Mask is enriched with N-acetylGlucosamine (NAG) Glucosamine, which promotes the formation of hyaluronic acid, repairs damaged and aged cells, and fights facial skin relaxation. Drooping. With a unique 3D design, it is close to the three most aging areas of the face, especially Oli-Vityl, Pitera?, which injects the essence of the facial energy cells into the skin, which significantly enhances the lines of the firming eyes, nasolabial lines and mouth corners. . Apply SK-II Revitalizing Eye Mask twice a week for an instant of eight weeks.

Eye Makeup Products include products that are used around the eye to enhance the appearance of the eyes and to emphazise the beauty of the eyes. They include such products as eye-shadow, eye-liner, eye-brow products, and other products that can help to enhance and accent the eyes.

First of all, the more common one is Eye Shadow. Eye shadows are usually used around our eyes. Why apply eye shadows? It is to produce a shadow effect, which can make our eyes look more three-dimensional. Well, there are actually many kinds of eyeshadows, such as common eyeshadow powders, which are basically used by many people, and the new one is an eyeshadow called eyeshadow. But no matter what kind of eye shadow, we can carry it with you, and then the part of the eye shadow is actually a kind of cosmetics in the eye makeup that is easier to get started.

Next up is eyeliner. The use of eyeliner is to draw a thin line along the roots of our upper and lower eyelashes to make our eyes look more energetic. Then the eyeliner is actually classified. The more common ones are similar to solids like pencils, and there are powders. There are still some water-based eyeliners. This is a pencil eyeliner. Water-based eyeliners are easier to color, and the results are better. But we need to pay attention when we remove our makeup. Dedicated makeup remover. When using eyeliner, if you are not familiar with it, it is best to put eyeliner on the periphery of the root of the eyelashes first.

Then there is the mascara. What we have to deny is that mascara plays a very important role. Many people look at your eyes or see your makeup basically look at the eyes, and the things that make eyes bigger and more beautiful are eyelashes. Anointed. Nowadays, there are many types of mascara. There are solid and liquid ones. When applying mascara, we have to apply it evenly, and then remember to apply it twice to get more three-dimensional.

Eye Cosmetics

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