Evaluation: Su Jing Jing Pu unified solid wood fabric sofa


The use of simple beige and purple makes this piece of furniture exude a very elegant artistic atmosphere. The perfect combination of atmospheric style, gorgeous fabrics and fine carvings conveys a luxurious court art. Together with the magnificent furnishings, it is noble and elegant.


The wood carving on the backrest combines the traditional Chinese customs and the engraving meaning and love. On the back of the sofa, there are fine openwork wood carvings full of three-dimensional feeling. The fruit and the lush foliage symbolize the harvest and the harvest is rich.

The peony flower has a soft texture and a soft touch that is very unique to the touch. Its elegant luster gives people a feeling of satisfaction, safety, full of texture, noble and generous. The blooming peony is more symbolic of wealth and auspiciousness in Chinese tradition.


This sofa is made of a polyether polyol foam cushion. Common in the market is the ordinary soybean oil foam cushion. Compared with the ordinary soybean oil foam cushion, the cushion of this sofa is not easy to collapse and is more durable. The design of the back of the chair echoes the pillow, which is visible to the designer. The wood made of cherry wood has good bending performance and high impact load resistance. The material used as the chassis is best.

The hand-carved carvings are very fine. The material of boxwood is very suitable for hand-carved material. The texture is tough, the texture is fine, the hardness is moderate, there is no brown eye, the color is natural and the yellow is warm and warm. Therefore, the crafted process is more refined.

This set of French solid wood furniture atmosphere, elegant art, luxurious palace style combined with Chinese traditional customs meaning good luck. The overall luxury atmosphere is comfortable. The cherry wood frame is more durable. The combination of fine engraving and comfortable silk fabrics is suitable for neo-classical, French and other vintage styles.

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