The three quality problems of unqualified wooden furniture sampling are worrying

The quality of furniture has always been a major problem for the furniture industry. Despite the various indicators and standards, but due to various reasons, the quality of furniture has repeatedly turned red, and it has been repeatedly banned.

There are many unqualified tests for wooden furniture products.

Mechanical properties are a safety performance indicator for wood furniture products. The drawer slide is the load-bearing and moving parts of the drawer. If the strength is unqualified, the service life of the furniture will be greatly reduced, and the deformation and slippage may occur during use, and the sliding may cause injury to the user. Furniture with unsatisfactory stability is prone to tipping over. Some furniture uses glass components. Tilting is very likely to cause the drawer to fall off and the glass components to be destroyed, resulting in personal injury accidents.

The mark is unqualified: mainly the product size is not marked according to the standard regulations, the dark and expensive hardwood is not marked with the material name according to the standard requirements, a large number of commonly used names, industry names and so on. The packaging mark of the product is an important guide for consumers to purchase. The main reason for the disqualification is that some enterprises have deviations from the understanding of product implementation standards, and they do not pay enough attention to this indicator.

Unqualified woodworking requirements: mainly the exposed edges of the wood-based panel components are not edge-sealed, and the artificial panels are not edge-sealed, which will increase the amount of formaldehyde released and affect the health of the users. In addition, the edges are not in the wet weather and are easy to absorb water. Expansion causes deformation of components and affects the use of furniture. The main reasons for the disqualification: First, some enterprises have insufficient understanding of the implementation standards of furniture; second, the product design and production process of some enterprises are unreasonable.

Formaldehyde is a quality indicator related to human health and life safety. According to the data, formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases and neonatal physical decline, and is harmful to the nervous system, immune system, liver and so on. The main reasons for the failure: First, some enterprises have strict control over the purchase inspection of raw materials such as wood-based panels and adhesives. Second, some enterprises have not equipped the necessary inspection equipment to reduce costs, and do not have the capability of self-inspection. Institutional testing.

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