Alternative fashion 5 sexy unconventional eyeliners

Whether it is the beauty industry or the fashion world, black will never fade from the fashion circle. On the fall/winter 2011 show, sexy blacks appear in a variety of ways, feminine, sexy, and even cold!

Imperfect eyeliner

1, imperfect eyeliner

One of the sexiest beauty looks on the Lanvin show, the black eyeliner looks like a wing from the outside, and the eyelashes are as cute as a Barbie doll. You must use black eyeliner to create this eye makeup. The middle of the eyelashes began to draw, while blooming until the corners of the eyes, so the eyeliner did not look perfect, and then in this case, use eye shadow to draw an eyeliner, just like the eyes of Brigitte Bardot, especially in After applying a few layers of mascara, apply a light pink lipstick to your lips.

Graphic eyeliner

2, graphic eyeliner

At the Moschino show, the model's eye makeup looks very exaggerated. This is also the effect of the black eyeliner. In creating this eye makeup, you must pay attention to draw a sunglasses-like figure on the upper eyelid. It is a more exaggerated cat's eye makeup. In order to create a perfect shape, you can draw a prototype with a black eyeliner, and at the same time, the matte black eyeshadow is painted in the pattern, from shallow to deep, and then coated with a black eye shadow with a pearly feel. On the eyelids, you can have a reflective effect in the sun. For black eyeshadows, it is softer and far less aggressive, because black is not very deep.

Black eye shadow

3, black eye shadow

Black eyeshadow will make your eyes full of mystery. If you don't handle it, it will be like dark circles, but as long as you keep the angle at the outer corner of the eye, the whole shape will look glamorous. Just like on the DianeVonFurstenberg show, you can create this eye makeup. To keep the eyelids clean, you can use a pearly complexion eye shadow to sweep it over and use a black metal eyeliner to draw a thin V-shape on the outer corner of the eye. Try to keep the nude makeup effect. You can use moisturizer. Add concealer to cover the face and paint bright red lips.

Eyeliner mixed with purple

4, eyeliner mixed with purple

Black creamy eyeshadow can make the whole shape marginal. If you mix softer colors, your makeup looks tough and beautiful. On the NarcisoRodgriguez show, we saw this eye makeup, makeup artist will The black and purple eyeshadows are refilled with a lavender tone, and a small eye shadow brush is used to draw an eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelashes, and slightly smudge it with a pair of micro-powder lips.

Eyeliner mixed with purple

5, sly eyeliner

The black eyeliner is easy to smudge, and even we can use it to create a sly eye makeup. Just like on the AlexanderWang show, the stylist puts the black eyeliner on the upper and lower eyeliner of the model, and then sticks it with a cotton ball. A little moisturizer, use these cotton balls to wipe off part of the eyeliner, so the remaining eyeliner seems to have nothing, a little rock feel, but more is a pure and cool charm.

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