Yingchuang recycled plastic bottle will be on the market

According to Zou Zuyu, vice president of the China Packaging Federation, at present, China produces 3 million tons of plastic bottles each year, which consumes 18 million tons of oil each year. If most waste plastic bottles can be recycled and processed into recycled food grade plastic chips, they will replace the original plastic chips made with direct petroleum every year, saving a lot of oil resources. This recycled plastic can be recycled indefinitely.

China's recycled plastic bottle materials produced from recycled plastic bottles have recently passed the quality review of authoritative quality inspection agencies at home and abroad, which means that beverage bottles produced from recycled plastics can enter the domestic market. Some multinational companies have agreed to use the company's recycled plastic chips to produce beverage bottles for the Chinese market.

The production line introduced by Beijing Yingchuang Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. can recycle 50,000 tons of discarded PET bottles each year, equivalent to one-third of the total number of billions of waste plastic bottles produced in Beijing each year, and can produce 25,000 tons of used PET bottles. For making recycled plastic bottles.

The reporter saw at the processing plant of the company's Tianyi Airport in Shunyi District, Beijing. The recycled plastic bottles were washed through four high-temperature deep layers, automatically removing the caps, labels, adhesives, residual liquid and other visible contaminants. After high-temperature melt extrusion, impurities are effectively removed. After 12 hours of high temperature above 200°C, all micro-organisms and small-molecule impurities are removed and processed into slices measuring several millimeters square. These transparent chips will be used as raw materials for the production of plastic bottles, exactly the same as those produced directly from petroleum processing. Bottle caps are also collected to produce packing straps.

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