Choose baby toys to be accurate to the age of the moon

Choose baby toys to be accurate to the age of the moon
Choose baby toys to be accurate to the age of the moon

Toys are an important part of the growth of children, but they often make parents more headaches: toys in the market are often expensive, how to choose, can not only help children grow, but also not spend money? In fact, there is really a "university question" in the small toys, so that early education experts can help you, and teach you how to pick toys for your children.

Baby's mind, don't guess

In order to develop the baby's intelligence, when the baby only has two or three months, I bought a bunch of rattles, teethers or something. But the baby didn't have a cold at the time. Now the child is almost eight months old, but suddenly I like the things that can make a noise. I knew that I would buy it later, but I could have more appetite for my children. ─ ─ Ms. Wang’s “one car” toy bought and said

It took me more than two months for the baby to start buying toys for her online. One purchase is a big car. Can be bought back to find that many toy babies are not interested at all. ─Linda

Suffer from "buy toy obsessive-compulsive disorder"

I go to the toy store almost every week to buy new toys for Bingbing. Seeing what new toys are in the hands of other children, I can’t wait to buy the same for the kids right away. To this end, I spend almost half of my salary every month. I also feel that I can't afford it, but I can't control my desire to let my child "have the happiest life." ─ 冰冰妈

Toys are not as expensive as possible

Liu Jun, a preschool education expert who studies children's games and toys, said that toy manufacturers in developed countries will fully refer to the opinions of professionals from kindergartens and university professors before designing toys, and design the most suitable for children of different ages. toy. At present, there is no related toy production system in China, and most of them are copying the design of imported toys, and the quality of materials is worrying. Therefore, parents should carefully check the selection of toys and choose the most suitable toys for their children.

Toys are not as expensive as possible. "The price of remote-controlled toys on the market is currently the highest, but such toys are not very helpful for the development of children's brain and body." Some experts pointed out that parents understand the rules of child growth than to give flowers to children. It makes more sense to buy toys at big prices.

Each of the four types of toys has specialization

According to Liu Jun, the toys on the market can be roughly divided into four categories. Parents can help children choose toys in these categories.

Teaching: Nowadays, learning toys like letters and numbers are very popular among parents, but in fact this kind of toy has limited appeal to smaller children. Children can choose after two years of age.

Partner category: "Doll doll" toys seem simple, but they have always been loved by children. Children feel that dolls and bears have the same life and communication as themselves. It can play a role in accompanying children and is beneficial to the cultivation of emotional intelligence.

Life experience class: A small pot and a small bowl designed for children to experience and imitate life in the process of playing. Children are very imitative, and such toys can help them learn a lot of life.

Business: There are some cartoon dolls on the market. These toys are more of a role to accompany children. The price is higher and parents can choose.

Combine the development of children's "critical period"

The "critical period" theory holds that at different ages and months, the focus of child development is different. Parents should try to combine the key period of child development to choose the right toy.

0-2 years old: The key period of audio-visual hearing, the toy that can stimulate the development of children's intelligent movement is the best choice.

3-4 years old: the key period of the development of image thinking, this stage can help children choose dolls, daily necessities toys. Children around the age of 4 enter the “reading sensitive period” and parents should tell the children more stories.

5-6 years old: The key period of the development of logical thinking, children began to rely on language to understand things. Therefore, this stage is the best time to guide children to develop preliminary logical thinking. Parents can choose teaching and educational toys.

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