A brief analysis of beer bottle shape design

Beer bottle shape design

The new beer standard GB4927-2001 increases the upper limit of CO2 in beer, and emphasizes the requirements for glass beer bottles, that is, beer companies have higher requirements for the strength of beer bottles.

Beer companies are actively pursuing scale and efficiency, and their marketing plans are gradually combined with product shape packaging. The new bottle design, in turn, features a unique shape coupled with improved wine quality, and strives to increase the quality of the product for consumers. In fact, the shape of the bottle has a great influence on its strength. The shape of the complex bottle, it is prone to uneven glass thickness distribution, especially in the corners of the prominence, easy to concentrate stress, and is vulnerable to collision and scratches, so that the glass bottle internal pressure strength, impact strength and heat change Decline in performance. From internal pressure formula:


Where Pmax - resistance to internal pressure

t - glass thickness

D——Outer diameter of the bottle

δ - glass tensile strength

It can be seen that the larger the bottle thickness and the smaller the diameter, the better the resistance to internal pressure.

In recent years, Guilin Jingsheng Glass Co., Ltd. and Yanjing Beer (Guilin Yiquan) Co., Ltd. jointly designed a new type of bottle with a large number of production and a better market response, with 700mL and 600mL beer bottles. These two types of bottles are characterized by a bottle shoulder and underneath the bottom of the bottle with a pronounced ice effect. According to statistics, under the same filling conditions, the bottle explosion rate of 640 mL ordinary bottles is about 0.5%.
600mL ice vase blasting rate is about 1.5%, and 700mL ice vase burst rate of up to 6%.

Beer companies tend to take the upper limit of the content of CO2 for the sake of excellent quality of beer. For beer bottles that need to be recycled many times, in the process of shape design, we must pay attention not to blindly pursue novelty, peculiar and beautiful appearance. Bottles are prone to weak spots, and avoiding weak spots is to avoid blasting sources.

The shape of the beer bottle is mainly simple and smooth. When choosing the shape design of the cylinder, it is necessary to pay attention to the shape of the bottle shoulder and the shape of the bottle heel.

1.1 Shoulder shape

The connection between the bottle neck and the bottle body is the transition of the bottle shoulder. To avoid the angular shoulder shape, the shape of the slip shoulder is relaxed, the glass thickness is evenly distributed, the stress distribution is even, and the vertical load strength is good. Due to the less stress on the slip shoulders, both the mechanical impact strength and the water impact resistance are good. It is suggested that the shoulder inside and outside arcs R1 and R2 are 78° and 110°, respectively.

1.2 Bottle shape

The rounded corners of the bottle should be large enough. In this way, the contact surface of the bottom of the bottle is reduced, the bottle heel is less likely to be scratched, there is no obvious cornering angle, the thickness difference is relatively small, the internal stress and the surface scratches are not concentrated on the same position, so the thermal shock resistance, Vertical load distribution uniformity and water impact resistance are very stable. According to the experience of Guilin Jingsheng Glass Co., Ltd., it is considered that the radius of the arc with the bottom corner of the bottle is R=45°. It is recommended that the arc radius of the bottom corner be determined to be R3=45° in the legend of GB4544.

Reprinted: Chinese bottle net

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