Vibrant, eye-catching, seductive Cavanck R perfume bottle

CK IN2U "Because of you" series of perfumes launched the first limited edition fragrance - CK IN2U POP because of your popular perfume, the feeling of freshness, vitality makes your TA can not help but indulge in this unpredictable night.

The perfume packaging design style: vitality, eye-catching, temptation

The new limited edition packaging and bottle design emphasizes the vivid color sense, or the crystal yellow or lake blue or gradient colors make the “CK IN2U” LOGO more eye-catching.

The classic CK IN2U is reinterpreted for your fragrance packaging and inspired by the sexy, unrestrained atmosphere of the night. The bolder refraction light effect is used in the more striking lake blue or crystal yellow. The bottom of the 100ml perfume bottle is a transparent glass, and the top bottle cap is Calvin Klein's logo.