Moisture control is a core factor in floor stability

Due to the complexity of the wood, the current technology cannot guarantee that each piece of wood that is dried in the kiln will reach the desired moisture content, and some of the wood will have a substandard moisture content.

Many consumers have seen or experienced such things: cracks, deformations, etc. in high-grade solid wood flooring, although it may not directly affect the use, but it is greatly reduced in visual and psychological. The high-end solid wood flooring that was purchased at a large price has such a "chicken rib" problem. It is useless and a pity, and it makes people feel at ease.

The author interviewed Dr. Tu Dengyun, China's wood drying school.

Moisture content is a key factor in determining the quality of solid wood flooring. At present, many small-brand flooring companies cannot precisely control the moisture content of solid wood flooring, and cannot guarantee its stability, and it is prone to various cracking, deformation, arching and other problems.

"Each piece of flooring theoretically takes three months to dry and rejuvenate." According to Dr. Tu, the standard steps for wood moisture control are health, dryness, and re-health.

720 hours of natural health, 360-720 hours of dryness, 720 hours of health, the theoretical time is 3 months.

"Many companies in the Chinese flooring industry are not strong enough to speed up capital circulation by shortening the drying and curing time. The floor made by this unscientific approach certainly cannot guarantee its moisture content."

Dr. Tu said that wood drying must strictly follow four steps: first preheating to avoid wood rupture; then evaporating wood moisture; third step (balance and high humidity); and finally cooling out of the kiln.

"Many flooring companies are not professional in the drying process of wood. The temperature, humidity and speed are not enough. The moisture content of wood may be uneven, which may cause hidden dangers of cracking and deformation."

"The film inspection may accumulate tens of millions of funds, and most companies simply do not dare to do the film inspection." Due to the complexity of the wood, the current technology cannot guarantee that every piece of wood that is dried in the kiln will reach the expected moisture content. There are always some parts. The moisture content of wood is substandard. Because of this, flooring companies need to eliminate these unqualified wood moisture content through a comprehensive film inspection system.

"Because of the seemingly inexpensive labor costs, the film inspection extended the production cycle, increased the pressure on warehousing and capital, and may have accumulated over 100 million yuan of funds, causing most companies to dare not do film tests. Some enterprises only carry out Sampling, there is no guarantee that the moisture content of each piece of wood will meet the standard."

Dr. Tu has served as a drying consultant for many well-known flooring companies in China with his outstanding achievements in the field of wood drying. Dr. Tu said: "My flooring consultants who work as drying consultants have done a good job in moisture content control. Zhejiang Shiyou flooring is particularly outstanding, and it is called China's flooring industry moisture content control expert. Their drying base is the most in the industry. With the scale and the most professional, the dry data is the most complete, the drying precision is the highest, and the moisture content film inspection has been done very well, so the reputation and popularity of the products in the market is very high."

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