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KOVEA is the first Korean brand to be introduced into the Chinese market by Beijing Fengyuxue Company. KOVEA products have obtained European CE certification, German TUV certification, Australian AGA, Canadian CSA certification and almost all the world's most demanding quality certification. Its product sales network spans five continents and has long been an internationally recognized camping product brand.
After KOVEA products have entered the Chinese market, this excellent quality has gradually become popular. This article grandly introduces four classic products and new products in KOVEA's main product stoves. Xiao Bian thought badly. If you let these 4 products carry on PK, then who will lose and who will win?

KOVEA B-8901: Square burner, more reliable

TKB-8901 uses open brackets to increase the area of ​​use, making it safer and more stable to use. The integrated ignition device makes the ignition and adjustment more stable. Under bad conditions, the combustion plate and the stainless steel plate can increase the ignition intensity and maintain the maximum firepower. The disc type windproof device can guarantee the stability and strongness of the fire eye. Stainless steel windproof plate, never corrosion.
Slowly rotate the valve by turning it counterclockwise on the spark, then push the valve to fire. TKB-8901 also pioneered the development of square burners that are loved by outdoor enthusiasts for more reliable quality.
For the crowd: camping and off-road outdoor enthusiasts

KOVEA TKB-9209-1: Lightweight, cost-effective

The TKB-9209-1 has a compact overall design that is compact, simple, and extremely lightweight. It weighs only 190 grams, and it uses stainless steel components to ensure durability.
Its design structure makes its advantages very obvious. It is much smaller in size and weight than large burners; it is also superior to those of the portable burners in the burner area. In addition it is affordable, cost-effective is the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts.
For the crowd: outdoor lovers on foot, camping, climbing

KOVE KB-0707: Small size, light weight, large firepower

KB-0707 titanium furnace, using titanium alloy material, weighs only 60 grams (equivalent to the weight of an egg), and is more simplified in design. Therefore, it can effectively reduce the burden of heavy-load hiking. It is conveniently placed in a corner of a backpack and is not occupied at all. space.
It is the top of the upright stove, the firepower is very stable. Titanium alloy folding furnace has good thermal conductivity, prevents gas liquefaction, and solves the problem of low vertical gasification efficiency of the vertical oven. If properly used, it can clean a tank of gas.
For the crowd: hiking, camping, climbing, outdoor enthusiasts seeking lightweight

KOVEA KB-0703: Detachable and Powerful

KB-0703, also known as the collector cup, is developed according to the principle of the new concept of heat collection system. Through the sucker design at the bottom of the cup, the most accurate arrangement of the hot poles can achieve maximum thermal efficiency in the shortest time. It takes only 4 minutes and 06 seconds to boil water at 500ml/10°C.
The pot body is equipped with an insulating sleeve, which can not only effectively maintain the temperature in the cup, but also play a role in heat insulation, effectively preventing scalding due to overheating of the cup wall. The detachable design and retractable switch design make it easy to carry the furnace into the pot for easy carrying.
This heat collection cup can be split. Take it when you go hiking, fishing, hunting, or picnic. This will save you space in your backpack. There is a plastic cup inside to reduce the damage to the stove, and the bottom cover can protect it from wear. The multifunctional portable collection cup is the perfect combination of steam oven and cup body.
For the crowd: outdoor enthusiasts of mountain climbing, fishing, hunting, picnic.

Comparing this way, it is really difficult to distinguish which is better and the power is smaller, but it is lighter and cheaper. It is clunky and powerful. However, outdoor products are such that different products are suitable for different groups of people, just as a common saying goes. I hope to use this small text to help outdoor enthusiasts choose to use and enjoy the high quality that KOVEA brings.

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