Wooden door and window acceptance should pay attention to the problem

Tap the side panel of the door and window cover by hand. If an empty drum sounds, it means that there is no base board such as a blockboard on the bottom layer, which should be removed and redone.


   1. Appearance should be beautiful: the surface paint film of wooden doors and windows should be smooth and bright, without quality defects such as falling, bubbles and wrinkles, without corrosion points, dead knots and broken parts; the door and window cover should be made of wood and the wood of the door and window sash. Color coordination , the color difference between the veneer and the wood line can not be large , the tree species should be the same.


   2 , the door and window fan should be square, can not be warped and deformed, the door and window fan can just be inserted into the door and window frame, and match the door and window frame: if the door and window fan and the frame gap are large, mainly because the installation is not accurate or the door and window frame and If the floor is not vertical, the door and window sash can be removed and re-planed; if the door and window frame is not vertical, the gasket should be straightened in the frame.


   3 , the hinge should be accurate and securely installed: if the hinge is not upright, the door and window fans will not match the frame, and the door and window switches will not be smooth. You can unscrew one screw for each hinge first, then adjust the fit of the door and window to the frame, and then tighten all the screws after the adjustment is correct. If the hinge screw is short, or when the screw is screwed in, the screw is not twisted, or the screw is twisted, the door and window fans will be strolled. The appropriate screws should be replaced. The screws must be straight when they are screwed. The screws should be nailed into 1/3 first , and the rest should be screwed in.


   4. The opening and locking of the door lock should be smooth. The two parts of the door lock and the door frame should be matched: the lock is not properly installed, which will cause the door leaf switch to be uncomfortable. The tongue plate should be removed , the tongue groove should be repaired with a chisel , and the position of the door frame lock tongue should be adjusted before installation. In addition, the opening direction of the door should also meet the requirements.


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