"Welding of Pipeline Steel" published

2 Welding transformer. On the water supply pipe of the winding, the cake-type capacitors including the water-cooled capacitors modified by the tank-type capacitors are used to cool the return water nozzle of the water, which causes the lamp to die, and maintain the original winding and position the cooling water channel. The connection conditions of the circuit are normal and unchanged. The original cake capacitors divided from the high-potential bus bar 1 including the water supply pipeline part for cooling the water-cooled capacitor modified by the tank capacitor are transferred to the cabinet wall on the ground potential side; With the corresponding return water pipeline, the normal configuration of the water-cooled capacitor, 83-type ground potential side water supply cooling is correctly achieved, and then the technical transformation work will be completed.

Because it solves the borrowing and keeping the original equipment high potential water cooling method. The formed oscillating tank capacitor is equivalently connected with low-value water resistance at both ends, and the abnormal power shunt is abnormally damaged by heat, which guarantees and maintains the normal life of the water-cooled electric appliance. By the way, the correct use of the water inlet and outlet of the total water-cooled capacitor product should be injected, and it should not be inverted to avoid affecting the cooling effect. The average power dissipation of the abnormal power shunt before the technical transformation is calculated to be 70 per day. After the technology is reformed, it will save energy and save 1 wind pit every day. The office was involved, from the initial technical water transformation to the use of correct tank capacitors to modify the water-cooled electrical appliances, to the replacement of the regular, type 0083 water-cooled capacitors. There were technical omissions. During the 5 months of its use, it caused The loss of electrical energy waste is about 15,000 yuan, which is calculated as 1 yuan per kilowatt. The equivalent loss of the corresponding water-cooled capacitor device is the original tank-type capacitor modified water-cooled capacitor. 12 083 type devices are damaged. The scrap price is also more than 15,000 yuan. 4 Conclusion As the small and medium-sized high-frequency welded pipe manufacturers lack or lack professional engineering and technical personnel, please come to the technical personnel for assistance during the technical transformation, and the people will leave after the transformation. Because tank capacitor conversion is known to be 0, type 3 regular water-cooled capacitors are of good quality, and they decided to replace all 083 type capacitors at their own discretion. Although the equipment can still be used, the above technical omissions have occurred, which is detrimental to the normal production of the manufacturer. This short essay with the additional additional economic loss is to attract the full attention of small and medium-sized high-frequency welded pipe manufacturers to avoid inadvertently; the guidance of industrial engineering and technical personnel, and repeat the same mistakes. This is not a complicated technical omission and damage received date 1999 Welding of pipeline steel is published and published by Xi'an Petroleum Institute Professor Xin Xixian and other pipeline steel welding books. It has been published by Shaanxi Science and Technology Press. This book is based on years of pipeline steel welding test research and pipeline steel welding production practice. Based on the service conditions of the pipeline, the welding behavior of pipeline steel was analyzed, combined with the special welding method of pipeline steel for forming welding and installation welding, and a way to ensure the welding quality was proposed. The book is informative and comprehensive, focusing on theory and production Combining reality with strong readability, the book can be used by professional technicians in Guan Xiao ’s design and construction industry and other departments Reading can also be used as an elective course textbook or teaching reference book for colleges and universities, such as welding, oil and gas storage and transportation and chemical machinery. Readers and relevant units are welcome to subscribe to the price of 17 yuan for ice, and 6 yuan for packaging and mailing. Please send the remittance from the post office to Xin Xixian, Xi’an Petroleum Institute, No. 18, East Section of Xi’an Electronic Road

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