Small apartment bedroom wardrobe design is also elegant, you are naturally elegant

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] small apartment to have a separate cloakroom design, looks like an unrealistic flaw. How to plan a cloakroom in a small apartment, we must do a good job of space allocation, maximize the use of the area, the most beautiful design, and the most practical storage. Today, the Chinese wardrobe net comes with a wardrobe and a guide, properly collected!

Part1: Use the wardrobe to create a dynamic space

First, the sliding door design saves space

Separating such a small space, plus the door panel and the internal space, can satisfy the girl's dream of trying out in this space. For single women, this mini cloakroom is enough, and the design of the sliding door is easy to use. save space.

Small apartment design

Second, the open wardrobe storage is more flexible

This cloakroom is narrow, and the cabinet is not suitable for sliding doors that are left and right. It can only be set up with sliding doors, or it can be left alone. Because of the partition between the bedroom and the bedroom, all wardrobes are open-ended.

Wardrobe storage

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