【Decoration knowledge】 Installation process and precautions for wood floor decoration

In the process of home renovation, many families have gradually installed wooden floors. Ceramic tiles are used in kitchen toilets and other places, and the other patterns are all installed on solid wood floors. This method is very reasonable and creates a texture for the family. Wood floors, whether plain or lacquered, must be unpacked before laying and then dried in a ventilated environment. There must be at least three days to a week, this is to adapt the wooden floor to the microclimate from the factory to the decoration site. It also depends on the quality of wood floor installation, it is necessary to know the wood floor fitters arts What are the different prices of different brands.

1. The practice of wooden floor decoration:

Pasted wooden floor:

15mm thick 1: 3 cement mortar is used for leveling on the concrete structure layer, and now most of the polymer adhesives are not used, and the wooden floor is directly pasted on the ground.

Solid wood flooring:

The paved wooden floor base adopts a trapezoidal cross-section wooden joist (commonly known as wooden flute). The interval of the wooden joist is generally 400 mm, and some light materials can be filled in the middle to reduce the hollow drum sound when people walk and improve the insulation Thermal effect. In order to enhance the integrity, the nailed floor is laid on the wooden joist, and finally the wooden floor can be joined or bonded under the wool floor.

At the junction of a wooden floor and a wall, a skirting board should be used to cover it. To distribute moisture, you can open holes in the skirting board for ventilation.

Overhead wooden floor:

Overhead wooden floor is to first build ground ridge wall on the ground, and then install wooden joist, rough floor and surface floor. Due to the low height of the family room, this overhead wooden floor is rarely used in home decoration.

Second, the basic process of wooden floor decoration:

The construction process of the paste method is:

Base layer cleaning → brushing primer → elastic thread, leveling → drilling, installing embedded parts → installing wool floor, leveling, planing → nailing floor, leveling, planing → nail skirting board → planing, polishing → paint → top wax.

Construction technology of laminate flooring:

Clean the base layer → Lay plastic film mat → Paste composite floor → Install skirting board. The construction process of the actual paving method is:

Base layer cleaning → elastic wire → drilling and installing embedded parts → moisture-proof and waterproof treatment of the ground → installation of wooden keel → cushion insulation layer → elastic wire, nailed wool floor → leveling, planing → nailing wooden floor, leveling, planing → installation Skirting board → planed, polished → painted → waxed.

3. Key points for wood floor construction:

The ground keel should be installed first before the floor is paved.

Installation method of keel: first make embedded parts on the ground to fix the wooden keel, the embedded parts are bolts and lead wires, the distance between the embedded parts is 800 mm, and drill down from the ground.

Installation method of wooden floor: solid paving solid wood floor should have base panel, the base panel uses large core board.

After the floor paving is completed, first plan the surface with a planer, clean the floor surface and then apply the floor paint to polish and wax it.

After all the wooden floors are transported to the construction and installation site, they should be unpacked and stored indoors for more than a week, so that the wooden floors can be used after they are compatible with the temperature and humidity of the room.

The wooden floor should be selected before installation to remove the unqualified products with obvious quality defects. Spread the same color pattern in the same room. If there is a slight quality defect but does not affect the use, it can be placed at the bottom of the bed, cabinet and other furniture. The thickness of the same room must be the same. At the time of purchase, purchase should be completed at a time according to the loss of 10% of the actual paved area.

The keel of the wooden floor should be made of non-deformable tree species such as pine and fir, and the back of the wooden keel and skirting board should be treated with antiseptic treatment.

Paving solid wood floors should avoid construction in climatic conditions such as heavy rain and rain. It is best to keep the indoor temperature and humidity stable during construction.

The wooden floor of the same room should be paved at one time, so sufficient auxiliary materials should be prepared, and the finished product should be protected in time to prevent oil pollution, fruit juice and other contaminated surfaces. The glue liquid squeezed out during installation should be wiped off in time.

4. Matters needing attention:

The wooden floor adhesive type paving must ensure that the cement mortar floor is free from sand and cracks, and the base layer must be cleaned.

If the base is uneven, use cement mortar to level it before laying the wooden floor. The moisture content of the grassroots is not more than 15%.

When pasting the wooden floor glue, it should be thin and even. The height difference between two adjacent wooden floors does not exceed 1 mm.

Plastic floor paving process:

1. The main construction process of laying plastic floor:

(1) Semi-rigid plastic floor block: base treatment → elastic thread → degreasing and dewaxing of plastic floor → pre-paving → scraping glue → sticky towel → rolling → maintenance.

(2) Soft plastic floor block: base treatment → elastic thread → degreasing and wax removal of plastic floor → pre-paving → bevel cutting → scraping glue → pasting → welding → rolling → maintenance.

(3) Coiled plastic floor: cutting → basic treatment → elastic thread → scraping glue → sticking → rolling → maintenance.

2. Construction points:

The base layer should reach the surface without sand, skin, ash, bulge or grease. No rough touch. If the requirements are not met, the ground should be handled first.

Pop up positioning lines perpendicular to each other, and pre-paved according to the mosaic pattern.

The base and the back of the plastic floor block are coated with glue at the same time, and the glue surface can be paved when the hand is not sticky.

After sticking a piece of block material, the remaining glue should be cleaned with cotton silk in time.

After paving is completed, the floor surface should be cleaned in time. When using water-based adhesives, wipe them with a damp cloth. When using solvent-based adhesives, use turpentine or gasoline to remove the glue marks.

3. Matters needing attention:

(1) For two adjacent rooms with different colors and patterns of plastic floor, the dividing line should be outside the door line stepping line to make the door floor symmetry.

(2) When paving, use rubber to knock from the middle to the surroundings to drive the bubbles away.

(3) It is not allowed to get in for 3 days after posting.

(4) PVC floor rolls should be cut 3 to 6 days before paving, with a 0.5% allowance, because the plastic shrinks after cutting.

Carpet laying process:

Laying method:

Carpets come in two forms: carpet and coiled carpet, with different laying methods and laying positions.

Active laying:

It refers to floating the carpet on the base layer without having to fix the carpet and the base layer.

Fixed laying:

The fixed paving is provided with two fixing methods, one is the clip-type fixing, and the barbed board is used to pull the carpet;

One is to fix it by bonding, and use adhesive to stick the carpet to the floor.

Basic technology of carpet floor decoration:

(1) Card strip fixing method: base layer cleaning treatment → carpet cutting → nail barb board → bedding layer → seam → Zhang Ping → fixed carpet → edge trimming → repair carpet surface → cleaning.

(2) The fixing method of the pasting method: ground treatment at the base level → actual pay-off → cutting the carpet → scraping the glue to dry it → laying the silver pressure → cleaning and protection.

Construction key points: Before paving, the actual quantity must be measured, whether the wall corner is square, and the angle of each corner should be accurately recorded. According to the calculated cutting size, the thread will be spun and cut on the back of the carpet.

Of course, when installing wooden floors, while understanding the standard for installing wooden floors, it also depends on the credibility of the installation team. The installation team and the dealer blamed each other.

Editor's summary: Relevant information about the installation process and precautions of decorative wood floor is introduced here for everyone, I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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