Internet and sports entrepreneurs have become competitors

Internet and sports entrepreneurs have become competitors. Date:2015-11-26 14:26

Sports has become the traditional industry most concerned by people today. When Alibaba announced the establishment of Ali Sports Group, it attracted the attention of countless people to Internet sports. Before LeTV, Tencent, etc. have already begun the layout of the Internet sports. However, these Internet giants initially only focused on copyright in sports events.

For the giants and entrepreneurs to grab meals, such cases have been very numerous. In many Internet domains, giants either rush to eat before the rise of entrepreneurs, or run for entrepreneurial platforms after the rise of entrepreneurs. If the entrepreneur does not want to be acquired, the giant will support its competitors until This entrepreneurial platform has completely defeated, which is the consistent style of the domestic Internet giants. So, what kind of market prospects does Internet sports have, and it will attract so many giants to come and eat with entrepreneurs?

1, policy support for sports is quite large. Since the beginning of last year, the country has started to promote relevant opinions on accelerating the development of the sports industry. It is also necessary to upgrade the national fitness as a national strategy and enhance people’s physique. At the same time, it will also support the development and growth of some sports service companies. The government’s vigorous efforts in sports Supporting invisibility gives all sports practitioners a good news.

2. China is a major sporting country in the world today, but the number of people who regularly participate in physical exercise in China is less than 30%. This ratio is far lower than that in the United States and other developed countries. But this also illustrates a phenomenon: China's sports career is very bright. According to statistics, the total size of the 2025 national sports industry will reach 800 billion U.S. dollars, while the current total domestic sports production value is only over 300 billion yuan, which only accounts for 0.6% of GDP, which indicates that this market is large.

3. There is also a serious problem of information asymmetry in the domestic sports market. For many sports enthusiasts, they do not even know what gymnasiums, swimming pools, and badminton halls are near the home. From the consumer's point of view, they need such a platform to help them quickly find the most suitable sports venues they have recently; from the sports stadium point of view, they also need such an internet sports platform to help them bring more Traffic.

4. The threshold and cost of traditional sports and fitness are still relatively high, especially when looking for a coach. The traditional sports model has the problem of site cost and geographical restrictions. By using the Internet sports platform, online coaches can receive a single instruction at zero cost on the platform, and offline coaches can also open expensive sports venues. To achieve teaching results. The emergence of Internet sports has reduced the threshold for sports and fitness, but will also be able to get rid of site and geographical restrictions.

5. At present, the domestic sports industry is still at an early stage of development, and the advent of the Internet+ will really drive the outbreak of the sports industry. This will be a new opportunity for all traditional sports companies and Internet companies. With the continuous deepening of the mobile Internet, Internet sports will also collide with more sparks. For such a huge market, and it is still in the blank state of the mobile Internet, it is no wonder that the giants have focused their eyes on this.

Through the above reasons, it is not difficult to see why giants have poured into Internet sports. But the influx of giants does not mean that entrepreneurs have no chance. The giants have the strengths of giants. Entrepreneurs also have the advantages of entrepreneurs. Another new industry has opened the giants and entrepreneurs.

Vertical subdivision always has opportunities for entrepreneurs

For the giants, what they want to do is often a platform, so if the weaker entrepreneurs choose to cut into a vertical segment, there will be a larger chance of winning. At present, there are a lot of platforms for coaches and venues, but the author prefers to focus on the tidal wave of the entertainment and sports platform, as well as the sports games that focus on smart sports. At present, these two entrepreneurial platforms have also received Financing was approved by the capital.

In terms of positioning, vertical segmentation and positioning will be more accurate and easier to get support from such sports fans. Many sports platforms on the Internet can make appointments for various sports, which seem to be very comprehensive. In fact, there are no differentiated advantages. Tide play is taken as a cut-in point from the trend movement. At present, it has gone on-line karting, archery, diving, fighting, equestrian, rock climbing, kendo, squash, limit and more than a dozen sports classification, aggregating tens of thousands of trend sports venues, got the trend of senior sports hobby Advocates.

However, through the introduction of EasyFit APP, shake weight loss APP, Bluetooth smart scales, intelligent heart rate belts, and hand ring, Smart Sports also received support from sports hardware users. From the point of view of user loyalty, Chaos, Bengbu and other vertical segmentation platforms have higher loyalty, and it is difficult for giants to take away users through traffic portal advantages. Vertically subdivided platforms tend to gather senior players of a certain type of sports enthusiast. Such players do not easily transfer positions.

Judging from the market prospects of Chaochao, a recent survey report shows that as of March 2015, there are about 380 million people in the sports industry in China, of which the current sports crowd has reached 80 million, and by 2018, the trend The total output value of the sport will reach 3.6 billion yuan. Health is just a necessity for many, and the market size of sports smart hardware is also quite amazing.

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