Running boom sweeps the national marathon world we are still young

Running fever sweeps the national marathon world. We are still young. Date:2015-11-26 14:27

The marathon is a very popular running sport in foreign countries, and this sport has gradually become a favorite among the domestic people in recent years. Judging from the calendar of events announced by the China Athletics Association on the official website at the beginning of this year, it is expected that 50 marathon races of various sizes will be held throughout the year. The types of venues range from roads, mountains to cross-country. The marathon's expansion rate is truly amazing. Moreover, the No.46 document issued by the State Council at the end of last year undoubtedly injected a stimulant into the surge of the marathon run in the midst of the day. Under its influence, the China Field Association cancelled the approval of the marathon race. We can predict that the number of marathon events in the country will grow rapidly in the future.

In China, where track and field development is still weak, why does the marathon, a movement that seems to challenge the limits of mankind, stand out first? The support of policies and the support of the government are only one aspect. The most critical factor is still the people, the concept of human life and The concept of consumption is quietly changing.

Most of the people in the Mesozoic era lived in units and homes at two points and one line, and they rarely had the opportunity to participate in physical exercise. Many of the people in this category showed sub-health status. With people's attention to health issues, more and more young people have entered the gymnasium and sports field. However, these activities require a considerable amount of time and economic costs, and often dispel the enthusiasm of some people. At this time, running as the simplest way of moving gradually into the life of the masses, it seems that everyone has forgotten their own examinations, colleges and universities running 800 meters when the wolverine looks like.

Secondly, the rise of the mobile Internet has also contributed to people’s social and consumer attitudes. Running is not just a sport. It also represents a social approach. The rise of a series of running software, such as running control, Yue Run, RunnerMate, Runkeeper, has made running a new concept that challenges itself and records life. Running out and sharing a circle of friends will not only produce satisfaction, but also transfer energy to more people. Nowadays, more and more business and entertainment celebrities have joined the daily running army. From time to time, Beijing’s National Olympic Forest Park will see the likes of Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang and Sina’s vice president Wei Jianglei.

In addition, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more emphasis on spiritual consumption. Like movie fever and sports competition heat, participating in an outdoor marathon is like watching a movie or a game. It is just a way to relax and entertain. It is this series of conceptual changes that have allowed running and even marathons to be carried out among the masses. However, from the current domestic point of view, running and participating in marathon events are still concentrated in high-end people. In addition to running equipment and participating in competitions, these people’s lives are relatively regular and autonomous, and they begin to focus on their own. Physical health conditions are more demanding for spiritual life.

Marathon in China in the end how much fire? Take the registration fee is the most expensive Beijing Marathon, for example, this year's individual competition indicator is 30,000 people, the team of 300, in the registration opening ten hours or so has been reported to be full, when the registration deadline More than 60,000 people signed up. Another important event, the Shanghai Marathon, will usher in its 20th birthday this year. Judging from the situation in the past three years, the number of 35,000 people participating in the competition is also less wolves. This year will be the first time that lottery tickets will be used. Such a high degree of public attention will naturally attract more cities and enterprises to join the marathon cause.

There are many marathons and it is indeed a good thing for the people. At least it can guide people to pay attention to their own health and improve the quality of the people. But it is not an easy task to hold a competition, let alone a tens of thousands of participating marathons. At present, the domestic marathon is mainly sponsored by the local government and the Sports Bureau. The primary purpose of marathons held in many cities is to promote the city, increase the city's international influence, and develop tourism resources. It does not care how much revenue the event can bring. In such a sports market environment, this road is not a permanent solution. Maximizing the commercial value of the event itself is something the organizers have to consider.

In fact, many sports brands have already participated in domestic marathons. Last year, Xtep sponsored 13 marathon events including the Xiamen Marathon and the Chongqing Marathon. In this year, Xtep’s operating income increased by 10%. As two of the world’s top two sports giants, Adity and Nike, they naturally cannot absent. They sponsored China’s two largest marathons, Beijing and Shanghai.

The benefits brought by marathon events are far more than the simpleness of city business cards, and the direct economic benefits it brings are also of concern. The Xiamen International Marathon was founded in 2003 and is one of the only four IAAF-certified gold standard marathons in China. Up to 2014, the total revenue generated by the 12 events has been accumulated to more than 1.5 billion yuan. In 2014 alone, various revenues were approximately 265 million yuan. Few other sports programs can achieve this effect.

However, in addition to economic benefits, domestic marathons need to attach great importance to the promotion of competition services. The urinary red wall incident in the Beijing Marathon, the sudden death of participants in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, shows that we have to put a lot of effort into the details of the event. In Shanghai, where the ticket is hard to come by, there has even been a phenomenon that the number of cattle is falling. This kind of event management and supervision will only bring the game itself to a dead end.

Although it is not possible to compare with the six major world marathons in the event prizes, it is difficult to attract international athletes. However, the marathon market potential in China is enormous. At present, about 50 official marathons can be held each year in the country, and Japan has more than 200 games each year. Even the United States needs to say that it has reached more than a thousand games. And we have only 35 years of marathon sports, and the Boston Marathon in the United States has a history of 120 years. Based on China's population base and the mass base and cultural heritage behind it, the current market development efforts can obviously not be saturated.

Although the outlook is broad, we still need to maintain a rational mind and organize events to pay more attention to quality instead of uncontrolled development. In the marathon world we are not yet adults. When we really go to the world, we must shock the world.

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