Revealing the 4 major trends of makeup in 2012 from the fashion cover

More and more close to 2012, compared with the date that is far out of reach, now 2012 seems to be no longer so dark! Fashion magazines have launched the January 2012 New Year's Edition, covering the fashion atmosphere of women. Today, Xiaobian commented on the cover makeup of major magazines and looked at the four popular trends of New Year's makeup.

First, "Jia people beauty" Yang Mi pink Barbie makeup

Barbie makeup

"Grand Beauty" Yang Mi Pink Barbie Makeup

Interpretation of the New Year's make-up trend: So the pink and delicate makeup 2012 will continue, and the sweet and cute little girl is the favorite. This makeup's emphasis on eye makeup, false eyelashes, eyeliner, eye shadow, and beauty can not be less! These are all essential weapons for making big eye makeup, and the pink toned lipstick is the finishing touch of the whole makeup. The pink blush of the meat can make the skin look like a baby!

Pink Barbie makeup recommended single product:

Barbie single product

Pink Barbie Makeup Recommended Items

1, Pui Ling 妃 bad girl mascara (see product)

The special oversized brush head makes the eyelashes instantly dark and dark. Just a light brush is as amazing as wearing fake eyelashes!

2, Anna Sui magic charm blush (see product)

The creative illusion makes the charming cheeks look like a baby pink. The translucent texture is perfect for a clear, youthful look. The magical color of the magical taste, to satisfy your game desire. Rich in natural essential oils, with a hint of rose flowers.

3, Clinique Water Moisturizing Lip Balm (View Product)

Moisturizing lips are crystal clear and sweet. The new Clinique “Crayon Xiaopang” is rich in moisturizing avocado and mango extract. It cares for delicate and dry lips. It is instantly powdered and tender, and who would not like it? Four natural soft and bright colors, Clinique Water Moisturizing Lip Balm.

Second, "Vogue Clothing and Beauty"

Big red makeup

奚梦瑶 Chinese style red makeup

"Vogue Apparel and Beauty" 奚梦瑶 Chinese style red makeup New Year makeup trend interpretation: Chinese style is more and more popular internationally, how can the Chinese style of red makeup not be the 2012 makeup trend? Especially in the New Year, everyone must be very red, so in the New Year, you must come to the "red" to make yourself happy! The red makeup emphasizes the texture and the edges and corners when applying makeup. It must be aggressive, enough foreign, and the costumes are also very important. Don't lose the temperament of "red makeup", but it will feel rustic!

Chinese style red makeup recommended single product:

Big red makeup

Chinese style red makeup recommended single product

1. Lancome (microblogging) L'AbsoluRouge Golden Pure Rose Lipstick (View Product)

For the first time, it is revolutionary for use in Golden Pure Rose Lip Balm to create a rich, full-bodied lips while deeply nourishing the lips. Lancome Lancome's original complex is more effective in maintaining the natural moisture of the lips. The gorgeous color tone expresses the rich emotional world of women.

2. Lancome Freedom Declaration Eyeshadow Palette (View Product)

The Freedom Declaration Eyeshadow Palette gives a new look to the colors of the Parisian coat of arms. AaronDeMey boldly blends two royal indigo (one metal blue and the other glittering gold) with the colors of two ancient precious golds to create a variety of colors.

3, Guerlain (microblogging) flow gold eyeliner (see product)

The automatic long-lasting liquid eyeliner helps to draw vivid eyeliner, effectively maintaining the best color throughout the day, and the refined texture ensures precise sliding in the eye and is easy to use. Incredibly enhances the sense of the eye and the expressiveness of makeup. Suitable for contact lens wearers.