Halloween vampire makeup is coming again

Halloween vampire makeup is coming again
Recently, many people are searching for the Halloween Vampire Makeup tutorial. The following small series is shared with everyone. Who said that vampire makeup is all kinds of horrible disgusting, vampires can also be beautiful, Korean beauty up to pony for everyone to demonstrate how to draw vampire makeup glamorous and sexy, learn to paint this makeup to make you become the focus of the crowd!
Makeup steps:
STEP1-2: Use the brown-red eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrows, which is consistent with the color of the eye makeup. Apply a light brown eye shadow and apply it to the white area of ​​the upper eyelid.
STEP3-4: Apply light brown to the lower eyelids, then apply pink eyeshadow, apply to the double eyelids, and smudge upwards.
STEP5-6: The black eyeliner draws an upper eyeliner and the tail of the eye is elongated. Dip a dark brown eye shadow to deepen the upper eyelids and the end of the eye, and the lower eyelids are deeper.
STEP7-8: Apply liquid foundation or lip concealer on your fingertips and gently point on the lips. Apply a lip gloss to your aunt's lips and apply it to the middle of your lips.

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