Ultra-low-cost "bait fishing" consumers need to be vigilant

China Plate Network Xiaobian friendship reminds consumers: When choosing a decoration company, you need to pay attention to it and be vigilant. Here are a few examples for everyone.

The decoration company upgrades the price with a low-priced package

Many decoration companies have launched low-priced packages such as “ 100 square meters 22800 yuan”, which makes consumption look good. The investigation found that many low-cost packages do not include hydropower renovation, and they need to be reformed to add money ; cabinets and cabinets are sent 2 meters, which exceeds some high-priced charges ; the door is plastic veneer, is it not good ? Please upgrade ; strengthen the floor Isn't it good ? Please upgrade ; is the building area just right ? If it exceeds, it will increase the income by more than a part of the price ; want to dig the wall, want to hang the ceiling, want to be the background wall ? Those are not included in the package, please pay for it. Two or three thousand assembly packages, seven or eighty eight count down five or six thousand.

The decoration company has a super low price "bait fishing"

For those who want to really save money, don't believe that there is a so-called ultra-low price that violates common sense. Some decoration companies specially set bait fishing to advertise several items with very low unit price as bait, mainly to guide you. After hooking, use the items that have not been registered to compensate. This practice is called "do not start and tail." Some decoration companies have very low prices and are also worthy of caution. Visited some custom home improvement, found that the unit price of individual enterprises is super cheap, but the price is subdivided, the cabinet counts the area, and the door is divided into finished products, paint, installation, lock, hardware and so on. Some unit prices are very low, and a labor fee is added later.

After the completion of the decoration, I turned my face and refused to recognize it.

When signing a contract, the owners should not believe in the verbal commitment, and don't be afraid to write all the terms in writing. During the visit, I learned that the owner of a decoration in Chengdu Jinniu District, when signing a contract with the home improvement company, proposed that there are children in the family and that the materials must meet the environmental protection requirements. The person in charge of the company repeatedly guaranteed the materials to be environmentally friendly, and said that after the completion of the project, environmental testing can be done at the expense of the company, but no written agreement was signed. One week after the renovation project was completed, the owner proposed to do environmental protection testing, but was not recognized by the company in the decoration contract.

Invisible places will make do

During the decoration process, consumers must be more than one eye. Generally speaking, we pay more attention to the "visible and tangible" conventional engineering projects such as carpentry, bricklayers, oilers, etc., but little is known about hidden projects and some details. Many construction workers often make a fuss about this.

Workers send owners to buy parts

Many decoration owners reported that in the decoration often encountered renovation foreman or workers will send owners to buy this buy, in fact, many parts are counted in the project. Industry insiders reminded that the renovation foreman will always grasp various opportunities to make a profit.

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