Furniture beautician bursts inside the industry, almost all furniture has dark injuries

"The furniture that looks like no flaws is not without injury, whether it is displayed in the mall or from the factory, it has almost been repaired." A few days ago, a senior furniture beautician broke the inside of the industry.

Furniture beauty says

Master Zhang, who is a furniture beautician at a furniture brand store in Daoli District, introduced the furniture beauty industry in Harbin for three or five years. The so-called furniture beauty is the new furniture or the furniture that has been used for a period of time, after the occurrence of smashing, bumping, breaking, squeezing deformation, wear and the like, the professional through the process of grinding, filling, coloring, etc., so that the repaired "creative" and the original The color of the furniture is consistent, and some furniture beauticians also provide leather furniture renovation services.

At the home of a household, Master Zhang demonstrated a repair of a thumb-sized smash and a corner of the corner beam at the edge of a TV cabinet. After carefully observing the damage of the furniture, Master Zhang took out the sandpaper and polished it to reveal the original color of the wood. Then, the saw was mixed with the same color of the furniture to fill the depression, and fixed with 502 glue, then dried with a hair dryer, and then polished several times. A "injury" will be repaired. Only the careful observation can be made to see that the repair is slightly different from the furniture color.

Master Zhang said that in Harbin, there are dozens of people who specialize in furniture and beauty. Due to the "less talent", the cost of furniture repair is not high, but the price is not low, the average repair cost of a bad point is 50-100 yuan, the area is large or complicated and the repair fee is more expensive. The furniture beautician can basically get tens of thousands of monthly salary. .

“Almost all furniture has 'injury'”

According to Master Zhang, furniture can be bumped, worn, etc. in production, transportation, display, distribution, etc. Almost all furniture has been repaired. Therefore, if consumers intentionally repair the cover of the furniture or the load-bearing parts, they will repair it. Pay special attention. Once a similar "second-hand" furniture situation is found, the consumer must immediately claim the right to request the merchant to return the goods or apply for compensation.

Master Zhang said, “Identify whether the furniture is 'beauty'. It is necessary to carefully check whether the key parts of the furniture have the marks of adhesion, whether the color is uniform or not; then whether the surface is smooth by the touch; finally, the nose smells, and the repair glue will be used. Strong irritating odor."

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