Polaris releases trial version of AMS2.1, a new generation of streaming media service system software

In order to facilitate customer testing, Polaris has released a trial version of the new generation of streaming media service system software AMS2.0 for users to download and try. The core of AMS2.0 is all designed in C ++, providing a Web-based management model and providing X86 Windows, Linux A variety of arm-linux versions are available for users to choose from. This trial version is a Windows version and provides a convenient service manager for users to try.

The main function:

1. Support TCP, UDP protocol, unicast, multicast and other application modes, support TS, RTMP, RTSP, HTTP, UDP and other protocols;

2. Support high-definition and standard-definition live broadcast, support online on-demand, video live broadcast, video broadcast and other services, support virtual file live broadcast function, and arrange file live broadcast list;

3. Streaming media services can be provided through any IP network and can cross proxy servers and firewalls;

4. Able to forward the rtmp stream a second time and forward it to multiple rtmp streaming media servers at the same time;

5. Responsive on-demand time is controlled within 100ms, supporting special operations such as pause and drag, without downloading the player, the live broadcast delay can be controlled at about 1s;

6. The AMS server supports deployment to various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. A single AMS supports up to 500 unicast users and supports multicast release mode, which can make the receiving users up to unlimited, Through the cluster deployment of AMS servers, it can also support the access of thousands of unicast users;

7. Support H.264 + MP3 or H.264 + AAC live broadcast, support Windows, Android, IOS platform free download plug-in to watch;

8. Support multiple players such as flash, VLC, WMP, storm video and audio access, making the application more extensive;

9. In addition to normally receiving the live stream released by Aoku's hardware encoder, it can also receive the live stream from FME;

10. Support live video recording at the same time, can set video recording tasks, can record files in mp4 or FLV format, without transcoding, and can be directly used by the client for on-demand;

11. Open system architecture, providing secondary development interface, which can be easily integrated into the user's existing platform or website platform, or based on this for secondary development, etc.

////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////

// This trial version is an installation-free version. After decompression, run AMSManager.exe. Click the "Install Service" button to install the AMS service into the system service. Click the "Open" button to run.

// Log in to the background to build a live channel before publishing the live broadcast. The user name and password for background login are both admin.

// After starting live broadcast, push 1 rtmp stream to ams through FME or other encoders that can launch rtmp stream, AMS can provide rtmp, rtsp, HLS, ts streaming live service, and use the browser to access ams to receive rtmp live broadcast , Access ams with ipad or iphone to receive hls live broadcast, use VLC to input rtsp: // ip: port / live / live1 directly to receive rtsp stream.

////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////

Trial version download address

http: //

AMS easy to use

http: //

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