There is always a one that impresses you with the exquisite cloakroom recommendation.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] has an oversized cloakroom, which is the dream of a woman in the world. The cloakroom is a life attitude, the cloakroom is a narcissistic way, and the cloakroom is a social form. It gathers your tastes, preferences, wealth and ambitions. It is also a place where you feel satisfied and happy. The following small series recommends six cloakrooms for the beauty woman.

Double bed in the cloakroom

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In order to improve space utilization, this small space was designed with this double bed that can be pushed freely. Through the slide rails on the floor, the double bed can move freely without any difficulty, and can be pulled to the outside space when sleeping. In normal times, the double bed can be placed in the cloakroom to ensure the cleanliness of the overall environment.

Cloakroom in the large bedroom

Cloakroom design

If the space is relatively large, you can use a complete wall to create a locker (renovation effect map). Compared with the stand-alone cloakroom, it is characterized by a small footprint, minimal engineering, and less cost. The funds have achieved good results.

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