Tmall encounters mice crossing the street: 19 home stores teamed up to boycott

Once upon a time, the offline store of Gome Suning was once the experience store of e-commerce companies such as Jingdong. Some consumers often choose the model of the goods in Jingdong first, and then go downstairs to the nearby Gome Suning store to compare the physical and the price. If Jingdong's price is cheap, then go home and pay, otherwise, it will be purchased directly at Gome and Suning. However, this method has not yet become mainstream, and the reasons are as follows: First, the products provided by the manufacturers to the online and offline products are different, that is, the products that consumers pick on the online, the offline may not be exactly the same; the second is the Gome. Suning also began to force the line, and pushed the same price online and offline.

It should be said that the blocking war between Gome and Suning has certain effects. There are two main reasons: First, the United States and the United States Suning online enough to monopolize; Second, Gome Suning's control over the manufacturers is also strong enough.

However, the initial success of the Gome Suning sniper war can be copied to offline stores in other industries, it is still difficult to say, such as furniture stores.

Tmall [microblogging] into a store "crossing the street mouse"

Compared with Jingdong's price advantage, Alibaba [microblogging] in the commercial field to create a "closed loop system" is more lethal to offline stores.

In preparation for this year's double eleven, Tmall plans to test the water to O2O (Online To Offline) for the first time in the bulk of the home. The specific mode is that the consumer chooses the home on Tmall and pays a small amount of deposit, and then goes to the merchants in the offline store to see the samples. After the satisfaction, the POS machine of Alipay [microblogging] can pay the balance on the spot. .

The advantage of this model is that consumers only need to pay less when they don't see physical goods on the Internet, which reduces the risk of “goods are not right”, and merchants can lead online passengers in this way. Offline, and when consumers come to the site, it is possible to buy other goods at the merchant. In addition, due to the higher unit price of household goods, this method can bypass the limit of payment quota.

However, this seemingly innovative and win-win model ignores an important player, the home store. Under the current model, the merchants' sales orders must be unified at the checkout counter of the store. In the O2O mode, the settlement of the transaction between the consumer and the merchant is completed on the mobile POS machine, completely skipping the store. In this way, the control of the store to the merchants is undoubtedly greatly weakened. “Consumers who are supposed to belong to the store turned around and bought online, without bringing any real profits to the store. The store was innocently making a wedding dress for others.” A store employee who did not want to be named told Securities Daily. .

Although e-commerce has been eroding the cakes of traditional stores, it is not as straightforward as it is today. In the case of "unbearable", the China Furniture Association Marketing Committee recently issued the "Opinions on Standardizing E-Commerce Work." According to the "Opinions", online and offline prices of products of the same brand and same specifications should be consistent. In addition, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the interests of existing dealers and stores, can not disguise the store to become an offline experience of e-commerce, can not let dealers become the offline porters of e-commerce. When manufacturers and merchants conduct low-price promotions online, they should notify the main partners such as the store and adjust the price of the store to be consistent with the online; it is not allowed to transfer the business of the store to other places for trading through the e-commerce mobile POS machine.

The signing members of the "Opinions" are 19 home furnishing stores in China, including Red Star Macalline, Real Home, and Jimei. Although the "Opinions" did not directly point out the word "Tmall", but the discerning person can see that only the ability and behavior of Tmall is enough to get the "not allowed" in the "Opinions".

According to the "Securities Daily", this is a home market store that has a competitive relationship with each other, standing together unprecedentedly and consistently. After the promulgation of the Association's "Opinions", the home furnishing stores have also formulated specific implementation rules, such as the actual house regulations, once found that the use of e-commerce mobile POS machines, not only confiscation, will also be imposed a fine of 10 times the transaction amount; found twice , clear the field directly.

"At present, some practices of e-commerce do have some inappropriate places. From the perspective of protecting consumers' interests, the lack of continuous and perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service guarantees is not conducive to the home building materials circulation industry. The overall development." Red Star Macalline Chairman Che Jianxin told Securities Daily.

It is reported that Tmall announced the suspension of the plan on November 4 after a strong boycott by 19 home stores. Regarding the impact and follow-up actions caused by the storm, Tmall only said in an interview with Securities Daily: "It doesn't make sense to keep Tmall out of the door. Don't keep consumers and the Internet trend out." ."

Home stores have built their own e-commerce platform

In fact, the helm of the home store is also very clear, this time together with "catching cats" is more of a defensive strategy, in order to completely make "Tmall" seamless, you have to raise a "cat" .

“Red Star Macalline has long noticed and recognized the changes that e-commerce may bring, and actively embraces these changes. Based on the company's nearly 30 years of industry development experience, we also have a future development direction for the home appliance industry. Some insights and pre-judgments." Che Jianxin said that if the company is considered to resist e-commerce, this is also a misunderstanding of the company. The company has long attached importance to and actively promoted the development of new e-commerce business. At present, it has established a new online platform and implemented its operations. In the future, the company will continue to play a leading role in the industry, strive to maintain a healthy competitive landscape, and actively promote the mutual promotion of new business models and traditional business models.

According to the "Securities Daily", Red Star Macalline is vigorously supporting its own e-commerce platform - Xing Yijia. Li Yi, marketing director of Xingyijia, said, "After more than a year of exploration, Xingyijia is gradually establishing a new standard for home e-commerce." It is reported that Xingyijia is currently carrying out the promotion activities of “Ten Cities Linkage, 50% Off”. In addition, the home of the home e-commerce platform - actually online will also be officially launched on November 11.

"In our view, relying on the advantages of offline operations, the new e-commerce model that effectively combines online and offline is the future development direction of the home industry. Red Star Macalline is constantly trying and perfecting this new e-commerce model. And with confidence, with the further promotion of the Xingyijia platform, it will continue to gain more market recognition." Che Jianxin said.

Industry experts pointed out that under the conflict between traditional and integrated e-commerce platforms, home e-commerce is experiencing this necessary "run-in period pain", and the exploration of the future development of the industry will be a long-term proposition.

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