Honey bottle packaging worthy of domestic honey

Speaking of the current domestic honey market, there are still scattered ones. There are a large number of small and medium-sized apiaries, but they are generally small-scale and mainly supply the surrounding areas. These bee farms have different packaging of honey bottles, and they are not strict. There are many problems. In the process of frequently exposed problems in the honey market, the market sales of honey have shown a downward trend.

With the decline of the domestic honey market, honey bottle packaging confusion and other issues. Imported honey has seen rising sales in the domestic market in recent years. With a good reputation and strong branding, imported honey is all the way to siege. We can see that imported honey is very popular in the high-end market, which is inseparable from the use of honey bottle packaging. In order to shape the high end of honey products, many imported honeys are also packed in glass honey bottles, and the glass honey bottles are very beautiful in appearance. Meet the needs of high-end consumer groups. As the high-end market was occupied, imported honey continued to penetrate the mid-range market, and some PET honey bottle packaging began to emerge in large numbers.
For domestically produced honey, we hope to gradually start branding, and we need to improve the packaging of honey bottles.

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