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Currently, Yunnan Publishing Printing (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yunnan Publishing and Printing (Group)”) is making great strides towards the goal of “National Well-known, Western First-class, Yunnan Leading Leading Printing Enterprise”, which integrates Yunnan Xinhua Printing Industry The company and the Yunnan National Defense Printing Factory have total assets of 510 million yuan and annual sales income of nearly 380 million yuan. The assets and business scale are among the highest in the country's book printing enterprises, ranking first in the western region. In terms of green printing , Yunnan Publishing and Printing (Group) is also in the forefront. In 2011, several printing companies of the company became the first enterprises in the country to pass the green printing certification, setting an example for the counterparts in the western region! In terms of green printing, what are the green initiatives that Yunnan Publishing and Printing (Group) have to learn from? How will the future promote the development of green printing? We are here to interview Ma Tao, Chairman of Yunnan Publishing and Printing (Group), and share their green story with us.

Green strategy is imperative Green printing has been gradually recognized and recognized by the industry in the past two years, but in 2011, green printing is still more in the concept stage, not the mainstream of the industry, why was it printed and printed in Yunnan at that time ( Group) started to work on green printing?
Ma Dong explained to us the reasons. First of all, as one of the largest printing companies in the Yunnan region, the imported equipments are top printing and related equipment such as Heidelberg , and these equipment suppliers have long proposed the concept of green printing and functional design of the equipment. Adhering to this concept, Yunnan Publishing and Printing (Group) has a better understanding of green printing than its peers. Moreover, the leader of Yunnan Publishing and Printing (Group), represented by Ma Dong, also knows green. The importance of printing for the whole society, the high sense of social responsibility allows them to hold a positive and accepting attitude towards green printing from the bottom of their hearts.
Secondly, although the operation of Yunnan Publishing and Printing (Group) was not bad at the time, Ma Dong did not satisfy this. The transformation and upgrading of the industry was in the eyes of the industry, and it was in the forefront. "Printing will produce more or less pollution, which will adversely affect the environment. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for green environmental protection will naturally become higher and higher, and green printing will gain more and more society and customers. Recognition will also become an important part of the core competitiveness of future printing companies.” Ma Dong’s words are very real and the sentence is reasonable.
Green measures are important to implement the idea, the next step is to put it into practice. As one of the early green printing enterprises in the west and even the whole country, at that time, Yunnan Publishing and Printing (Group) did not have much success experience to learn from. All can only cross the river by feeling the stones and explore for themselves.

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