Storage function is really invincible, good Lai Kee tatami new product evaluation

Tatami has already driven a wave of trends, and more and more consumers are starting to install a tatami at home. However, tatami is inevitably required to take up a certain amount of space because it needs to be loaded frequently. Therefore, it is very particular when purchasing tatami.

A good tatami first needs to be solid in materials and workmanship, and can withstand long-term use without deformation. Secondly, it needs to have a strong storage function, so that it can save the home space in the era of this inch of gold. . At the 2014 Guangzhou International Construction Fair, Hao Laike brought us a very good new tatami product. Below, let's take a look at how this product is.

Hao Lai Kee tatami
Hao Lai Kee tatami new product panorama [lifting platform - the focus of happiness around]
Hao Laike's central tatami lift is powered by an electric lift that can be easily controlled by the remote control. Moreover, the lifting speed of the lifting platform is also very reasonable, and the stability of the items on the table can be ensured to the greatest extent during the lifting process.

When the tatami is lowered, the whole tatami becomes a very large wooden bed. When the user puts a mat on the quilt, the user can sit on the floor and let the whole Relax both physically and mentally to enjoy the rare moments of peace in your life. This taste is very wonderful and it is worth pursuing.

Haley's tatami The Haley's tatami lift lifted up and down the lift and immediately became a table. Users can call friends and friends, stay at the table, drink tea, sip, share anecdotes in daily life, and enhance mutual friendship. Of course, when you are alone, users can also put a computer on the stage to go online and watch movies. These are all enjoyable. In short, the tatami lift is a center of life, and the fun and leisure of everyday life will radiate around it.

[Invincible storage, affordable]
Hauptare tatami has a variety of storage compartments built in, and has a very powerful storage function. In addition to the common wardrobes and bookcases, there is another place to go in the home.
Hao Laike Tatami Xianghe Furniture City
Good Lai Kee tatami storage compartment and not only clothing, books, etc., the good tatami tatami storage compartment has enough belly to put down the mat, quilt. When the user needs to sleep at night, the mat and quilt can be easily taken out of the storage space, and the tatami can be turned into a warm bed to enjoy the sleep. After a restful night, the mat and quilt can be easily taken in the morning, making tatami a living space.

Hao Lai Kee tatami Hao Lai Kee tatami hydraulic lifting rod In order to ensure the stability of the entire tatami, the overall material of the Lai Kee this product is very extravagant, the board uses 25mm original sheet. Many other products are always unbearable under the extravagant materials. It is always a very difficult task for users to open the tatami cover. However, this product has successfully solved this problem. Some of its storage compartments use the hydraulic rod lifting method, and the user can easily control the opening of the cover by the remote control. The cover is too heavy for the good tatami tatami, it is no longer an unbearable weight.
[Details - Safe Care]
The details often determine the quality of a product; the details show the attitude of a brand. The good tale of this tatami show in the details is a safe care.

Hao Lai Kee tatami Hao Lai Kee tatami cabinet door without handle design Lai Kee tatami the entire cover and cabinet doors have a no-handle design, but cut a gap on one of their corners to replace. Under this design, no matter whether it is an adult or a child, there is no need to worry about accidentally hitting the pain.
The surface of the good tatami tatami surface The surface of the tatami tatami plate is used in the material. The good Lai Ke also uses the original plate of the formaldehyde zero release of the substrate, which is environmentally friendly and healthy, and the user can use it with ease and comfort.
[Home Summary] Buy furniture to Xianghe Furniture City
Although tatami has been circulating for thousands of years, it is not easy to do a tatami. The new tatami products exhibited by Hao Laike at the 2014 Guangzhou International Construction Fair have clearly reached a new height. It is even more excellent in design, materials and workmanship, and has become the current tatami product. A very good product. Moreover, according to the strength and attitude of Hao Laike to make products, I believe that it will launch more excellent products in the future.

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